Need some help

I need some motivation…My longest fast is 5 days.I always break the fast not because I am hungry,but because I can’t resist the temptation of food.I feel so bad every time I break my fast and then I binge again.This is like a vicious cycle.I am just feeling so bad.When I can’t eat I just feel like I am down because I am not used to not eating,but I know I have to fast.Anyone can help me:( Like maybe we can track each other’s fasting by messaging :(( Sorry I am just in a really bad mood…

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How long of a fast are you wanting to achieve?

“Never binge again” is a really good book. I would say it’s “tough love” but it’s helping me out.

21-30 days

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Thank you!I will see if I could buy the book

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Some people need to build up their fasting muscle.

Also, when planning for a 21 day fast, you’ll want to tack another 10 days of refeed on that schedule - basically allow for a month of the whole process.

Unfortunately we can’t do a 21 day fast and then go out for pizza.

Have a look at a calendar and pick 31 days you’re willing to commit. Take into consideration any parties or events as the holidays are approaching.

Make a list of your “why’s” and stick them all over the house.

Get all the trigger food out of the house or away from you. I toss or give away.

Stock up on water, have your electrolytes handy.

This is an adventure, and you have to plan for it like you would for a vacation.

All your attention needs to be focused and you will need to work up your intention to be strong.

Yasmine has coaching just for this purpose, to help people stay focused on their fasting goals.

It’s truly a self journey. I can tell you what to pack in the car, but you will have to do all the driving.


Dont worry about the length of the fast. The more you try the easier it will be. Try more short term fasts or tell yourself if I feel like quitting I will complete the current day and then decided the next morning if I want to break it or not.

Focus more on the refeed and have a plan. Like a 4 step plan… for instance mine is that I will break my fast with broth and then green juice and then soup amd a salad. So even if you binge your doing it on healthy stuff. You may feel satisfied after the broth itself.

Hope this helps… post regularly and people will help you stay motivated… if you feel like bringing post an SOS message and someone may try to talk you out of it.

BTW 5 days is awesome… congrats!


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Thank you so much for your advice!I’m starting day 1