My fasting journey to a healthy me

I am new here but not new to fasting.
I started fasting in 2018,at my heaviest weight of 198lbs. I fasted consistently for a few months and got down to 149lbs and felt very great. Then 2019 was very stressful,i started an new job and moved places,because of this i ate a lot of processed foods and didn’t take care of my body.
Today i weighed myself after a very long time and i couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw 229lbs on the scale. I have never been this heavy in my life,i feel so bad for letting myself go this far without realizing it.
My blood pressure is so high and my back hurts when i stand even for a few minutes(mind you am only 25yrs old).
I have decided to take my life back in control and lose this weight again. Am starting with a 31day fast and then will move to shorter fasts after that until I get to my goal weight of 135lbs.
I want to use this forum for motivation and to hold myself accountable.
I will be updating here everyday. I will be weighing myself after every 2weeks.
Starting measurements
Bust : 42"
Waist : 38"
Belly : 45"
Hips : 53"
Thighs : 31" each
Arms : 16" each


Welcome to our fasting community!

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FYI: Since its been awhile, I suggest you break the 30 day into smaller chunks, ie 3 10-days or 3 7-days and 1 9-day. Fasting is like a muscle. The endurance fades away from ack of use. Just a suggestion.

Welcome, @Damaris_Njeri, we just started a 28days water fasting group on the 18th, if you fancy you can join in. We are very supportive here. All the best.

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