My 14 day Water Fast

Hi! I’ve gained a lot of weight since August, so I’m doing a water fast to get my life back on track! I’m too scared to weigh myself until I’m a few days in but once I conquer that fear I’ll give daily weight updates! My current plan is to fast for 14 days but if I feel good then I’ll try to extend it! I’d really appreciate being held accountable because it’s so hard for me to stay motivated. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


I’m typically a daily weigh in, but just had a refeed and a lot of really bad habit days after that and I didn’t weigh in for a bit either.

Good news was I was expecting all my weight would show back up like meaning all my progress over the last six months :rofl: but not nearly that bad.

The integration of regular fasting is a lifestyle change.

I expect/hope when I reach goal to have about a 10lb window to fluctuate in.



We’re in the same boat when it comes to staying motivated!
I’m starting with a 7 day fast and working my way up from there (depending on how I feel)
Look forward to reading about your journey and you got this!!!

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