My 100000th attempt to water fast

Hi I am Priya from Virginia. I have always struggled to maintain my weight. I used to workout for 5 days in the gym but couldn’t keep the weight off once i stopped going to the gym. I have done short term fasts so far and wanted to try rolling 72 hour fasts.

Height: 148 cm
Current Weight: 150.6 lb
Goal Weight: 100 lb

I am doing this to prove to myself that nothing is impossible when you have a positive attitude and discipline. I just want to see the better version of my ownself.

Planning to do around “30” rolling 72 hour fasts to lose 50 pounds.
Start Day: Jan 6,2021
Start Time: 6:00 PM

Long Term and Short Term Goals:
My long term goal is stay fit and healthier always.
My short term goal is to lose fat and reach my normal BMI.

How I feel right now:
I am excited and confident about my water fast journey.

Good Luck to all the members of this platform!!


You can do it! Started day 1 yesterday!

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How are you doing priya?

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I couldn’t continue my previously planned water fast because of few reasons.

Starting a 71 hour fast today Jan 15, 2021 @ 2:00 PM.

Starting Weight : 154.8 lb :sob:
Goal Weight : 100 lb :star_struck:
Plan : Will be doing rolling 71 hour fasts with a 1 hour re-feed to lose around 55 pounds.

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I couldn’t stick to my fasting routine. So will be starting my fasting journey from Friday Jan 29, 2021 with a new fasting plan. I have decided to do 3 sets of 47 hours fasts and 1 set of 23 hour fast. I will do this for a week and see if i can stick to it. I’ll be continuing with this schedule to lose all those extra pounds.

I am at my heaviest weight @ 155.8 pounds (Height: 4 feet 8 inches). My goal is to reach 100 pounds in 3-4 months.

It will be great if someone is willing to join with me to follow this fasting schedule. I just admire everyone in this platform who just decide some fasting plan and stick to it to get the results. I wish i could do like how you guys do it.

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Hi! How are you doing? I can join you, but I am an absolute beginner and just trying to get to 24 hours starting this afternoon.