More before & after motivation 225lbs to 160 ish 🔥

From 225lbs to 162ish - Height 5’6

From 215 to 155 ish - Height 5’6


I saw your YouTube video today. I will post my picture of some size 14 pants, my sister gave them to me. You motivated me to post. I hope by end of December, I will fit in them comfortably.

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That’s amazing! I can’t wait to see your before photos! I’m glad I motivated you to post! Before photos are just us loving ourselves and trying to get healthy in the process! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Tag me once you post it!! I’ll be waiting! @Lcast

You look AMAZING:boom:!!

Thanks for the motivation


<3 !!! Thanks :smiley:

I keep coming back to these for motivation. I’m basically the same weight but I’m way shorter. I can’t wait for my future body.

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I’m excited to post more!! Time to get myself to goal weight!

I saw your video on YouTube and didn’t realize your starting weight. I am around the same weight and height and I am devastated because I have so far to go. But, you know first hand the journey and gave shown that it can be done! Thank you and I’m so happy I joined your challenge.

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Yes girl!!! You don’t have that far to go! @Lavana

Visualize yourself at goal weight, change your mindset and ACT like someone who is already at goal weight - make choices that someone healthy & at your ideal goal body and healthy would make!!! :sparkling_heart:

Have you seen the fasting stickies that I emailed you? :sparkling_heart:

Do the same with your weight!

Focus on chunks of 15-20 lbs at a time!!! Slow and steady wins the race!!!

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Oh fearless leader : ) Thank you for sharing. I learned about this site from your YouTube videos about 21 day water fasts, after my 7 day water fast. I just started my 21 day water fast on July 24, 2020, and I watched your videos to hopefully erase and replace those “old tapes” playing in my head which say that I would die without food for 21 days. Ha ha, I mean, I already went 7 days and had absolutely no side effects. I felt great! I did water and took my concentrated trace mineral drops, Himalayan and Celtic sea salt, and Nu-Salt for potassium. I did just fine except waking up roughly 2 hours before my alarm… freaking out that I would be tired during my 12 hr night shift as a nurse… then finding out I had even more energy than the night before.

Point is… you give me motivation! I did talk to my doctor send decided that I would break the fast by having 4oz of bone broth (no salt added) each day if my weight drops below 130. I’m 144 now, but I’m doing this for health reasons; right knee pain from “plica” and digestion problems (ulcers starting as a junior I’m high school, diagnosed IBS at 19).

Thank you again for all that you do!