Micky’s Journal 14-21 day water fast

Hello I’m Micky. I was always an active girl. I would work out and watch what I eat. I always had low blood pressure and was in pretty good health. Then suddenly, I started to slowly gain weight. I had a cyst on my ovary which was painful and the doctor told me to avoid exercise in order for the cyst to not burst. Well when I stopped the physical activity I began to gain weight. I’m now up to 235 at 5’7”. I was vegan during this time I gain weight and found out the excessive carbs were a contributor to my current issues.

I’m happy with myself but I know i can be better. I’m very competitive and yet I let this get away from me which is usually not me. I want to the best Micky in all aspects of my life which includes my long term health.

Long Term and Short Term Goals:
Long term goals for me were to get from BMI Obese to BMI “Normal”
Short term goals right now are to get to 145-155lb goal weight range

What are some struggles you face or you have faced in the past
I can be an introvert and not participate in activities. I have made a concerted effort to get out there and show myself more. I sometimes shy away and hibernate, especially in the winter months. I have a very stressful job and bad sleep pattern which has affected my ability to lose weight.

** What is your game plan?**
I am not new to fasting. I have practiced intermittent fasting for many years. I have also completed a 21 day water only fast about 5 years ago but have been having the hardest time beginning it again and sticking with it. I plan on kicking off a 21 day water fast and then moving into keto to stay in autophagy while eating food. Then after a week of refeeding, I will enter a shorter 14 day water fast, then continue keto until hitting my goal weight.

How do I feel right now?
I’m excited to stay compliant and held accountable. I’m not giving up this time. I can do this!

How will I feel once I achieve my goal?
I will feel invincible. I can do anything I set my mind to.

Daily Affirmation
The most important thing is my physical and mental health. I can do anything I set my mind to achieve.

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Hello everyone. Time to post an update. I am 7 days down and my 6th day was hard. I almost quit but I went into my kitchen and drank 31 ounces of water and that seemed to keep me at bay. I’m back at work today so I’m hoping the stress doesn’t get to me. I’m posting my daily weigh ins from my scale called Weight Gurus. It automatically sends my readings to an app for me to track.

Thanks everyone!


This is so impressive dear that you are determinant Enough. Keep swimming. You can do it.

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Hello everyone! Happy Labor Day!

I’m so glad for this 3 day weekend. I was able to rest during the fast. Going to work has been rough even though I sit all day but just walking is exhausting. I have no hunger but tired. I also walk slower and take my time. I can’t just jump up out of bed, i have to roll out. LOL

This is my last week and I’m celebrating before it even gets here! LOL

I am down 27 pounds. When I fasted in the past I could feel my body repairing especially old scars. I have felt that just yet and maybe it’ll happen this last week. Here are my numbers. I had to break them up because of the new month.

Finally finished my 21 day fast. In total I lost 31.4 pounds. This fast was hard in the last few days because my cycle started and it took the air out of my sails. I broke my fast this morning with bone broth. That’s all I had today and will do bone broth again tomorrow with the ideal to eat on Friday a regular meal. My weight loss slowed down in the last week so I’m thinking if I did this again, it would only be 14 days.