Lu’s Fasting Daily Journal • 8/21

Fasting through July 20, to August 9.

CW: 146
GW: 120


1: cleanse my body and mind
2: gain focus
3: better my discipline
4: loose weight
5: better myself spiritually

I want to start fresh and reset my body. I really want to loose a couple pounds. I want to commit to this for myself.

My plan is to fast for 20 days. Every 2 days or so, i will incorporated vitamins and acv. I will listen to my body and how it reacts to my fast. I have set up my fasting stickies and will write on here daily in the morning and at night before bed. On day 19 i will creat my reefed plan. I hope i can find comfort in fasting and not just allow my days to drag as i wait for the next. I will also be quitting smoking and replacing it with mediation twice a day. i’m ready and i got this! :slight_smile::slight_smile::gem:


Fast started :heavy_check_mark: last day of omad today. i had veggie lasagna and dried cranberries as my last meal. i have my fastient tracker set up and my fast officially started today at 6:00 pm :wink:

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1 day and 17 hours in! yesterday i had a little trouble during my first hours craving food, but now i’m alright. i’ve been drinking a cup of water every two hours. i had a bit of trouble sleeping last night and was very chilly, otherwise i’m feeling great :+1:

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This looks So Super. I took a picture of yours so I have a guide. Good Luck!!

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once again 24 hours in. this time i made sure i have no plans regarding food for the first week until i’m strong enough to be near it. day one was super easy thankfully :slightly_smiling_face:

on day five. feeling great. sleeping is so hard even with magnesiu, but i get by. lost 4 pounds :blush::blush: