Looking for an accountability buddy!

Hey, I’m Jules! I’m an 18-year-old college student looking to break a binge/starve cycle. I used to be overweight and even though I’m “healthy” now I still treat my body poorly.

I’ve done a couple 3-5 day fasts and I am now starting my first 10 fast. I’d love to have someone do it with me as having a partner keeps me motivated.

Is anyone interested? :smile:

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Heya Jules 10 days is an amazing long time for fasting lovey. I am 1.5hrs off 48hrs on my first 72hr fasting journey and am struggling with the thoughts of breaking it lol

I do wish you all the best and will be excited to read your updates Xx

Thank you for the support! So far I’ve lost 2 lbs, which I know is just water weight but is still nice to see. How is your fast going?

I lasted 60hrs and at 12pm today (South Coast NSW, Australia) broke it with the bone broth followed by some probiotic yogurt and then learnt how to make keto bread and had a keto bread pizza sandwich for dinner.

I did feel bad that I broke it though and am actually thinking about starting again in the morning with my main aim being a 24 goal but seeing how far I can go after that.

I have noticed some diary logs are fasting but they add in a refeeding and thought this was actually an interesting way of looking at it, so am quite excited to do this second one knowing what I might expect with my body currently and also knowing I have already lasted a 60hr fast.

2lbs is great Jules keep up the good work lovey :muscle:t4: Over all in the 60hrs I only kept my weight score and body fat % score and had lost 2.1kg and 1.3% body fat according to my scales which I thought was pretty cool but I was mainly doing it for the autophogy due to the neglect I have done to my body for so many years and can really feel it lately.

I will keep reading your progress though as the updates from yourself and everyone else is very encouraging and inspiring for me.