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I have an opportunity to do an extended fast but I’m not sure now is the right time. I currently have almost no food in the house that fits into my lifestyle. I’m still on my period and the pain meds so I have intense food cravings.

I know dropping a significant amount of weight would be a great start to reducing my back pain and and the pressure on my herniated disks. However, I’m not sure I could do a serious fast while taking the prescription narcotics for my pain. I loathe needing pain medication as a crutch to get through even the easiest of days.

I am on a vegetarian keto diet and was doing OMAD For over a month until PMS and pain meds. I was also able to do several 40+ hour long fasts. The pros and cons of doing an extended fast even if only for 5-7 days is about even. Any advice? I’d appreciate help! Thanks


I chose to purchase food. Fasting + serious pain medication makes me pretty woozy and dizzy. I’ll try OMAD again and see if that helps. Drinking lots of liquids. Treated myself to my favorite local coffee place. Got a giant nitro cold brew. I do miss having my own coffee shop- What I wouldn’t give to have my beautiful Italian espresso machine in my home!


Feeling much better today! Did OMAD yesterday but didn’t eat much. Not sure if I’ll eat today or not. Was able to go swimming this morning. Hope it will help use up my stored glycogen. Not back into ketosis yet but it’s merely a matter of time. I was running about 3+ mmol a couple weeks ago (blood test strips) but am not even at 1 today.

Making zucchini lasagna soon. I don’t eat many processed foods but I do love Beyond Burger brand mock meat. It’s extremely high in fat and protein. Luckily, even though I was not in ketosis I did not gain any weight on my two week LCHF transition.

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Went swimming yesterday and I’m a bit sore. However, I’m in significantly less pain than the last two weeks! I was pleasantly surprised that I lost 2 lbs during my keto break. I must have just been retaining water during my pms and period. I’m a little disappointed that fasting did not reduce any of my pms/period symptoms. Can’t win them all.

Back to OMAD. My vegetarian zucchini lasagna is amazing! I also made a mock mousse with marscapone, heavy cream, and dark chocolate cocoa power. I drink lots of tea and coffee during my fasting period. I just learned that this is called “dirty” fasting. Instead of bone broth I will have plain miso (no bonito) If I’m extremely hungry. If I feel up to it I’ll try 36-48 hour fast this week in addition to keto/OMAD.

Might treat myself to a few sips of my homemade raspberry/blueberry kombucha. It should be carbonated by today.

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Back into ketosis! Didn’t sleep well- pretty exhausted.

Still not sleeping well. Have gone from 223 lbs at 5’4” to 186.5 lbs. just 3 years ago I weighed 138 lbs. needed to eat a little more yesterday. Did about 20/4. Will try to do OMAD today. Need to eat a bigger meal while on my period

Ate 3 meals yesterday doing a 16/8. My period makes fasting a horrible experience. Down about 40 lbs though! Going to try and skip food today. Woke up in the middle of the night with horrible dry mouth. I drank a good 4-5 liters of fluids yesterday so that was strange. Keeping up my electrolytes and never have a difficult time transitioning into ketosis.

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Fighting hunger right now. I think the hardest thing is that I’m not physically able to keep myself busy to work through it. I can’t exacerbate my injuries and risk further pain. I also can’t seem to rid myself of the feeling of dry mouth even though I’m drinking lots of water. I’m good on electrolytes but might need more salt? Might try some miso broth

Down 1/2 a lb since yesterday- did OMAD. Today is my birthday and it stinks that I’m in pain. Going to treat myself with some amazing nitro cold brew from my favorite coffee shop, some extremely dark chocolate, and a swim.


Had to eat several times yesterday. Taking my pain meds without food has my tummy upset. Luckily I didn’t have to take any pain meds yet today. Pretty nervous about my husband’s university opening up in a couple of weeks. Even though masks are mandated he is head of his department and comes in contact with tons of students. He never gets sick but he’s extremely worried about me inadvertently getting ill from him. Hoping to flex my fasting disciple today. I have to be ok with where I’m at. Even though I want to jump into an extended fast I need to heal first.

lost a bit more weight this week than expected- 4ish lbs. deep into ketosis now. eating several meals a day due to medication. Seeing my dr today to get an MRI. will swim today (tread water) for the third time this week. Getting out of the house is a big boost to my morale. However, by the end of the day I’m in enough pain that I need to lie down. My shirts are starting to get a little baggy.

Going to try not to eat until after 3 or 4 pm today. Hope the pool is a bit warmer!

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Kept my eating window down to only 4 hours yesterday. However, I got extremely woosey when I took my pain medication later on in the day. The dr is referring me to a specialist that may or may not order a MRI. The Dr talked to me about PRP (platelet rich protien) injections (I cannot take any steroids). Unfortunately, I will be on pain medication for longer than I want.

I was not able to go swimming yesterday because I was extremely fatigued from pain and ended up needing sleep.

I ate some delicious creamed “sausage” and parmesan almond flour crusted fried zucchini. Feeling dehydrated now. Pain is about a 4? More extreme discomfort than pain.

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So jealous you get to swim regularly. I was hitting the pool 4-5x a week before the pandemic, and I can’t wait to go back when it reopens. Super excited about finding a virtual swimmer friend :heart_eyes:

On that note, I can’t imagine swimming during an extended fast because it makes me absolutely ravenous. It sounds like you’re getting tangible results just from eating keto though, which is fantastic.

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Oh, and happy belated birthday! :lion:

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Isn’t swimming the best! I’m so glad to find someone else that loves the water. I use to be a hard core swimmer (2+ hours ever day) but messed up my shoulder and started inline skating instead. I regret not getting my shoulder looked at since it’s hurting me now! I’m only able to tread water at this point. Any arch of my back is bad news.

I empathize with not having a pool available. I’m traveling to a college 45 minutes away from me to swim. Their pool is AMAZING! huge Olympic size with a separate diving well. I wish the pool was warmer though. They have some very strict covid rules so I feel pretty safe going there. I hope you are able to find a pool when it’s safe!

Swimming usually makes me ravenous too! However, once I’m in deep ketosis (2+mmol) I don’t find it that bad. I can’t wait to keep up with your journey @creamyreemy0 ! I’ve done extended fasting in my past but it’s just impossible on strong pain meds. I couldn’t do a plain water fast though. I’m with you on coffee and tea! I understand why people want to go off caffeine but it’s not for me. I use to own a bakery/ coffee/ tea cafe. I miss my glorious Italian espresso machine. Keep me posted and keep up the awesome work!

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I’m spitting distance from the ocean, but once you dip a toe in you’re bait🤣.


I can’t tell you how jealous I am (except for the heat- you can keep that)! I have three Portuguese water dogs that miss swimming (we use to live on lake Michigan in chicago). Enjoy long walks on the beach for me!

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Was able to fast for 22 hours- did OMAD (a coconut nut butter fat bomb and fried parm zucchini). Had to take pain meds. I’m struggling with the compromises I have to make due to the pain. Either I’m in pain and alert, or I take medication and have less pain but am groggy, loopy, and unable to focus. The healing process is slow and I have to cultivate patience and acceptance

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Is it your rotator cuff? Shoulders are a tough spot to deal with, so I feel for you. But treading water is arguably as effective, if not more. I guess the only downside is it lacks variety, lol. I’m so curious about your pool’s COVID rules; what’s changed? How many people are allowed in the pool? Is there a time limit to your swim?

Luckily it is not a rotator cuff injury! I guess I was using my muscles improperly for a long period of time and my shoulder muscles became too tense in some areas and too weak in other areas.

The pool rules are very thought out. There are 12 lanes total. Technically, two people are allowed per lane. However, there is usually not that many people so the only ones doubling up in lanes are friends and family. Especially people with children. There are no locker rooms for changing. There are taped off squares where people leave their belonging. People are required to wear masks when not in the water and unless together must stay 6 feet apart. People are only allowed to swim for two hours at a time and must sign up for a designated lane prior to arriving. You can only enter the pool area from one door and exit through another on the opposite side of the room.

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