Kelly's Fasting Journal

So today is Day1 :grinning:

Starting weight:167.8lbs
Goal weight:130lbs
Height:5ft 4"

So excited to be starting my water fast. I’m going to push for 7 days. Longest fast is 3 days. Fed up of having so many day 1 days just need to shed these pounds and get back to feeling healthy mind and body once and for all!


Hey Kelly! Same boat as you pretty much.

I am going to be doing a 21 day fast. I am 5’2, my starting weight this fast was 155. I am hopeful to reach 30 lbs weight loss this fast, but my body will only do what it will do! We shall see.

I’ve done a lot of 3 and 4 day fasts… like you, I restart a lot. I had someone write me yesterday and ask why I self sabotage and refuse to allow myself to succeed. Especially since I make it past the hardest parts. He had a point. A good one.

If you fall off the wagon somewhere on your journey, get up, dust yourself off, get back in the wagon and continue to the end of your 21 days, remembering how it made you feel. If you fall again, do the same thing. Don’t let yourself get in your own way. This is your fast, your journey. While you have other people on the journey with you, myself included, this is YOUR journey for you to decide if you are going to make it through to the finish line. Think of a race or other event… sometimes it may be about finishing. Doesn’t mean we aren’t a little scraped up and bruised or limping over the final line. Do this for you! You can do it

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Day 1 starting 15/11/2020

I can’t believe my first and only post to my fasting journal was over a year ago and yet I still find myself in the same position today!
I have been going back and forth as to whether I should start a fast and just continue for as long as my body allows yet I just haven’t been able to commit! Until now! Knowing that a year ago I felt exactly the same as I do today about my weight and my health just gave me the push I need to make the change today! I really don’t want to be looking back in another year and wishing I had made the change! I’m disappointed with myself more than anything. But I guess it’s time to look towards the future and get this done!
Tomorow is my day 1 of a new healthier me. I will take some pictures tomorrow and upload them to prove to myself I’m ready! I cannot and will not feel this way for another year!
Here’s to day 1…
Edit: I have not weighed myself in a LONG time! I don’t know whether I should or not…I don’t want the proof Infront of me of how much weight I’ve actually put on…but then I want to know how much I’m about to lose…I will sleep on it!

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Well today is officially day 1.
I’m very excited today, I know I have a long way to go but even knowing I’m ready and actually starting my journey brings me happiness! Lots to do to keep me busy then a long walk afterwards…
Building myself up to go on the scales and find out exactly how much I weigh…maybe later today! Also need to take some before pictures.
Lots to do!

Update: well I did it and I weighed myself…178.8lbs.