Katty's 40 day fast

Today I decided that I will be strong, that I will push through this. No more restarting at day 1. I have to focus more on what I want. Lately being home has me mire addicted to food. Is not even hunger anymore. I just eat and eat even when Im not hungry. Is time to break this habit. Its time to think about my health and my body. I dont even like to dress anymore, I just wear what ever feels comfirtable and baggy. I need to do this for me, for my family.


We got this, Im almost ending day 1. Was not bad, when I get to day 3, thatt when I fail. I have to push through. If I get to day 5, it will be easier for me


We can do it!

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How are you doing? Day 2 is ending for me and I don’t feel hungry although a couple times my brain has tried to convince me it wants food :upside_down_face::grinning: I have persevered and feel strong for winning.

I just ended day 2 an hour an a half ago. Im feeling good so far.

Day 2
I woke up feeling a bit dizzy. I drank some coffee and then drank some of my electrolytes with my multi vitamin. Later on the day, I felt better, more energy. Went about my day with house work. Had my water and electrolytes during the day. Overall, not bad, have started day 3 almost 2 hours ago. The good thing is thatnis bed time. Hopefully I can survive day 3, since this is when I have failed before. I believe if I make it the whole week, then it will get easier for me.

Katty thank you so much for posting this, I really needed this and I resonate with it completely!

I started a 28 day fast on monday, I always find the first week the hardest and today has been really challenging but I’m in it for the same reasons. I’ve lost control of my habits, every extended fast I’ve done I end up binging a week later. Enough is enough! I want to hold myself accountable for my actions!

I support you 100%!! You’ve got this! I believe in you! Don’t give up on yourself!

We all deserve to live our best lives and don’t let anything stop you from doing exactly that!


Thank you soo much. It has not been bad today on day 3. I had to go grocery shopping and was there for almost 2 hours. Then got home and put everything away. Now Im sipping some tea because I feel tired.

I hit reply to your message but just shows as a regular post. Weird.

Day 3
Day 3 was not bad, I thought I was going to give in since this is the day I always fail on. Woke up a bit tired, but it got better. Now dinner time was challenging because everything smelled soo good. I just told myself that I can eat that again but not now. That I have to focus. If I get to Sarurday, I believe the rest of the days will be easy. Kids are home so I don’t really have to do so much running around. Is now almost 3 hours into day 4 and is bed time. Lets see tomorrow.