Just do it! - 2021

I started fasting in 2019 and did pretty well in 2019. Then 2020 happened and due to a lottt of bad choices I have now ended up degrading my health and putting on a lot of weight. I don’t want to get into all the hows and whys. It’s done! I just want to move forward and improve my health and melt these accumulated pounds away!!!

Been trying to get back into fasting life since a while and have been failing for all weird reasons. So, I’m just gonna start!


  • Determining how long you want to go
    I’ll be doing multiple fasts of varying length. So, I am not gonna fuss about how long. But, I’ll be tracking my glucose and ketones to ensure I am in the weight loss/fat loss zone most days.

  • Defining your WHY
    I want to do it! I just want it. I can control this part of my life and I want to take control of it.

  • Educating yourself about fasting
    I know most info. Have read a lot and seen lots of informative videos. I just need to implement the knowledge.

  • Pre-fast days
    Tried starting keto. But, kept doing the “1 last routine”. So, will just start fasting. The sugar withdrawal will be uncomfortable. But, definitely manageable. Just need to hang in there for 3 days.

Today’s quote: Don’t stress yourself out! Today we flush out the glycogen!!!

Good on you mate!! … I started the same way… did day 1 for six months before getting to 15 days in up to 40 days… Jesus did it so I wanna do 40 days too… good luck to ya, my money is on you!..

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Thank you soo much for the encouragement, Donna! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: The constant day 1s has definitely been taking a toll on me. I have been sooo frustrated with myself. :frowning: it’s kind of good to know that others have suffered this too and more importantly overcome it. Do you have a thread where you journal your journey! Good luck with your journey too! My money is on you too! :heart_eyes:

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No… I do not journey and post it… I fail miserably when I do that… I have no freakin’ knowledge of why that happens… so I suffer in silence and rock back in forth while repeating the same thing over and over till the BEAST MODE! passes… I say out loud while rocking… you have got to finish what you have started this time… you have got to finish what you have started this time… you can not quit… too much to lose… yes I look like a crazy person but surprisingly… it is very effective… lol :crazy_face:

Ended up eating yesterday. But, it was mainly keto + Watermelon. So, not pure keto.

I have a little tickle in my throat. May be symptoms of keto flu. (hopefully not COVID). Will do OMAD with proper keto today and drink loads of fluids. And then start fasting tomorrow.

This is not a failure. Rather a small obstacle. I crawled rather than run yesterday. But, I will sprint again. Don’t be disappointed or discouraged. I can do this! I WILL DO THIS!!!

yes, that is right … not a fail… there are many fasting choices to choose from… hope you feel better soon and continue the struggle… lol… hang in there love… you can do it… even at a snail’s pace… there is still movement, be encouraged… I really am for you, :innocent: my sister…

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Haha…thanks for the encouragement. Much appreciated. I’m here for you too. We sisters got to stick together. :wink: :wink: