June 2020 Fasting Tracker Calendars


Checkboxes only (Add your Habits: Fasting/OMAD/reading/exercise)


Text & Checkboxes:

NEW :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Are you like me and you like to track stuff?

If yes, we have a bunch of new tools!

First of all we have our June Fasting Tracking Calendars to track your Water Fasting, OMAD, Refeed, 16:8, 20:4, ADF and every other style of fasting!

Three options for those who are picky like me:

  • Blank calendar
  • Checkboxes with text to check-off “Fasting”, “OMAD” or “other: ADF, 16:8, 20:4, etc.”
  • Checkboxes with no text to write in your “FASTING/OMAD” and 2 more boxes to pick a habit you want to complete every day like exercise and reading!

Remember: Track your fasting days so you can look at the cumulative bigger picture and see how many days you fasted in TOTAL (Tip: It doesn’t always have to be consecutive days in order to be successful!)

Hope you like it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

More fun stuff to come:

  • Weekly Meal Plan (for Fasters)
  • Positive Affirmations Journal
  • Fasting Planner Stickers
  • Fasting Planner
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Awesome! I love these. And I am one of the picky ones :grin:

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Hahaha! So am I !!! That’s why I put different variations! :smiley:

OMG! I love them! I literally keep track of everything. If it is not on a calendar it is in a journal or written on a sticky note or written on my bathroom mirror. Thanks now I can just print and post them all over my house. V

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@Valerie Omg me too! Did you know I have 3 planners :joy:

  • Business Planner
  • Fitness/Fasting Planner
  • Every day planner

And I’m contemplating a mini recipe planner to keep track of what I feed my partner every day and make a plan to feed him since I sometimes just forget while fasting :joy: