Journey to 55KG

3 day fast and small refeed this evening (kept it under 900calories). Starting my fast now and plan to to next Friday. Weighed myself this morning and weighed in at 69.1kg. Started fast on 26/01 at 72.7kg.

Fasting schedule
Fast 01/02-07/02 Refeed on 7/2
Fast 8/2-14/2 refeed on 14/2
Fast 15/2-21/2 refeed on 21/2
Fast 22/2-28/2 refeed on 28/2
Fast 1/3-7/3 refeed on 7/3
Will post weight changes as I go along, I hate weighing myself but I think I need some daily measure to keep me going and positive. I’m hopeful shorter fasts can allow me to start running which I’ve been mentally struggling without. Lockdown 3.0 is worse than the other two. Will stick to 5Ks on fasting days.

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Day 1 -69.5kg
Today was really good. Minor hunger pangs at 11ish but they passed quickly. I am grateful to be able to have got my run in -slower than usual, but I’m much heavier than I usually am so I will proceed slowly and steadily with kindness and determination, it’s the daily positive I need in my life and how I show self love by giving myself that time alone from children, husband, work, house duties. It felt good to get back in my treadmill, I miss that time alone just running and listening to music, nobody making demands, no expectations, just me. I have sacrificed running (my usual distance is 8/10ks) to fast for longer periods but I have been able to fast for up to 6 days and run 8K.
I think tomorrow will be tough as will Monday but at the end of Monday I will have done half the fasting for the week and I, mentally prepared. Work is busy next week, so I will keep distracted in the day time and workout in the evenings when I tend to struggle most. It’s an experiment so let’s see how we go.

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Felt exhausted today after a terrible nights sleep and struggled all morning with cramps. Took some strong anti inflammatory pills at lunch (instantly regretted on an empty stomach) and shortly after decided to turn today into a RF day keeping it low carb [tracked intake at under 1200 cals] and closing off my eating window by 2pm so I have enough time to digest before my run this evening (at family dinner time which I’ve allocated for exercise whilst the boys eat and designed to keep me away from the kitchen). Maybe having day 2 and 3 (my toughest days) on work days (rather than the weekend per initial plan which I’ve adjusted) will keep me distracted enough that I don’t feel cramps, PMS blues and sadness, physical depletion as much as I do when I have time to myself on a Sunday. I don’t feel as irritable after my refeed, still pretty tired though.
Interested to see what the scales will say during the week - I’m due on Friday and can already see water retention in my fingers and toes.

Fasted today, did some resistance training, ran whilst the family ate. If I stick to working out at the same time each day, it will be easier to re-establish the habit. There was a moment early afternoon during which I thought “Nah, I don’t want to do this, start tomorrow” but I was busy colouring my roots at the time so was not able to act upon it. After I was done, I made myself a coffee, got on with some work and I was able to see the day through. I must remember to keep myself busy each day particularly at lunch time, mid afternoon and early evening. I noticed that in the morning my will is usually strong, as I allow the day’s stresses to get on top me, my own goals tend to fall down my priority list. Own goals first.
Day 2 tomorrow ugh…I’ve scheduled plenty in to keep busy and have calls all morning so hopefully the day should fly by.