Its me again

Well i keep trying but not long after trying i quit but i am really wanting to give it a real go, I just worry about my diabetes and not pooping. I am 71.5 kilos which a few months ago i was 73 kilos i have been doing OMAD.
I want to walk daily around 30 mins, exercise as well, do some crunches. I want to do this to be healthier, reverse type 2 and lose weight i want to lose about 10-20 kilos. I want to look toner and be able to feel comfortable in tops that are actually my size i ware size 20 but can fit into a 16 but i don’t feel confident to ware my actual size. because i think my gut hangs out n i hate that. anyway i have tried fasting quiet a few times and can not get past 20 hours or so before i cave. So here is to yet another attempt.