Hey, can we maybe have a maintenance forum?

It’s early for me to ask, and not even sure if there would be enough interest, but what would you think about a maintenance thread?

When I get to goal, I think I’d love to have input from others in the same boat.


I’ll be ready in February. Thanks!

Could just be me.

I bet there’s a widget or something to oh, found it!

  • I’d like a maintenance forum.
  • I don’t see any importance to a maintenance forum.
  • I’m in the middle.
  • I don’t need a maintenance plan as I expect this weight to magically never come back.

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Great Feedback! I agree!

I have updated the Intermittent Fasting category to:

“Intermittent Fasting & Maintenance” :slight_smile:


As we all know, maintenance is done by incorporating fasting as a lifestyle forever which means controlling eating Windows forever :sparkling_heart:

You can post your Maintenance & IF plan there in a thread :sparkling_heart:

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I’m not there yet, and I’m sure there will be some testing and toggling once I get close.

Just nice to know I have a new place to go once I get “there.” :blush:

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