Hard Time Fasting Due To Hunger?

I’ve had the hardest of time fasting because I’m constantly craving. I’m an emotional overeater and addicted to sweets so if I think about it I begin to feel hunger instantly. I incorporated a supplement to help me with the hunger and it has helped me tremendously, and I have lost 60 lbs thus far. I’m taking a break and will begin again soon, will update my results.


Welcome to the forum. Try to make a conscious effort to not eat suger. You can’t kick the habit while you are still eating it. Fasting is a way to stop sugar intake, but afterwards, you will have to start reading labels. Read about the Keto diet and how you can lose weight while still eating.
Best of luck.

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Sounds like you have a sugar/carb addiction that’s triggered by unexpected stress. Suggest you address it first. I did a 14-da Potato Diet first before doing any fasting. With a carb/sugar addiction it will cause cravings during fasting and binging during ReFeeds. Another member here did a 10 day Potato Diet before fasting and completed a 30 day water fast in December.

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Agree with Compdude😀

Potato is full of carbs. May I please know how it helps to keep up fast before.

From what I understand, the potato diet will address your sugar addiction’s and help with carbohydrate addiction because you are not taking in very many carbohydrates per potato. There is a video offered on compdude’s potato diet. The video offers a better explanation.

Potatoes that are eaten without anything added to them are very bland in taste, and doesn’t give you a high dopamine response in the brain. It’s an effective way of quitting food addiction, since it will keep you full and in function, but it won’t be a great deal of pleasure related to eating. Potatoes are one of the most nutritional foods to eat if you had to decide just one food for a period of time. So the relationship to eating and the hunger signals can easily change by eating just potatoes for a little while. Once you’ve gotten away from the intense cravings for high dopamine responding foods, such as processed or high calorie foods, going from eating into fasting won’t be as drastic to the body and brain!

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What supplement did you incorporate to help with your hunger?

I am super curious!

Himalayan salt

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Thank you! How much do you usually add to your water and how many times a day?

I don’t add it to water. I’m NOT a fish! LOL

I just wet a finger, dip it into my jar of Costco Himalayan salt and stick it in my mouth. I go by what my body tells me.

During my 40 day last year, I did it when I got hungry. Usually 1 to 2 dabs was enough as the crunchiness of the Himalayan salt was also soothing. That was enough also for electrolytes as I didn’t suffer any headaches during the entire fast.

I noticed during my last 21-day and my current 21-day I’m body doesn’t require as much salt. Both fasts I didn’t take any supplements until Day 8 and 9 as my body has become more metabolically flexibility.

Hope this answers your questions!


Thank you! Your experience you have is gold for beginners like myself. I appreciate the feedback.

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