Fighter soup fast

Hello fasters,
Hope your fasts going good! I have decided to do the soup fast which involves simply drinks of water during the day, water, cocoa drinks and a little milk and that’s all during day, then evening OMAD, I will do a soup. Please wish me luck. I really need all the good luck in the world right now. My health has deteriorated quite a bit and I have been unwell for a while. Hoping this detox will help. Does anyone have any suggestions as it’s to save my health. I have been fighting for my life (literally thought I was going to die) for the last year now. Thanks all :slight_smile:

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Hi, fasting to detox is an important step toward regaining health. You may also benefit from contacting this lab, and requesting a QRA exam. Quantum Nutrition Labs | Official Site | Nutritional Supplements ( They are really good at explaining everything, I am just pointing you in their direction as I have my health back, and know how what you are going thru now. They can help you! Not terribly expensive, just reach out!