February Fast

Hello, I’m excited to continue fasting this month, and love that the 1st of February aligns with the start of the week. Starting out with a 7 day fast and seeing where it takes me. In these frigid months, I plan to keep busy with reading, yoga, cross-country ski, hiking, and work.

Quick Stats
F 29 | 5’5"
HW: 165
CW: 150
LW: 136
GW: 120

Day 1
Weigh-In: 150

Hey party people! This day one is like many other day ones. Pretty easy going, the aim is just to get to bed early without putting food in my mouth. I’m caffeinated and focused at work. It’s -16 degrees Celsius outside, are they trying to kill us? Will spend the evening breaking open a new book, as I just wrapped up a book last night. I love when things are tied up in a pretty bow and you get to start the next leg of the journey on a clean slate.

Until tomorrow.