Fasting buddy April 21

Hello! I want to find a fasting buddy, I’m female 38, currently 170, I need to go down 125. I had two kids back to back and needs to go back to the way I use to be, being over weight really effecting my health and marriage. And I’m in bit depression. Plz help!


@Overcomer I want to start soon, thats why im looking for a fasting buddy and I would love to do it for 30-40 days.

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I am 16 hours into a fast now, I can try for 21 days, my longest has been 17days last year, but I have not been able to do more than a week this year, but if I fall I will get back on. Let me know when you start yours :pray:t4:. I will be here to encourage you @Prableen :muscle:t5:

@Overcomer can we please share phone numbers? So, we can send weight pictures and encourage each other.

BTW - I’m happy married with you little boys. 38 years old Female, I live in Seattle. I’m only looking for fasting buddy lol

I sent a message to your inbox. :pray:t5:

Hi! I just joined this forum after seeing all YouTube videos! So helpful! I would like to be your fasting buddy. I weigh about the same and my goal is 140. I am on day 2 of my fast and I want to do 21 days

Today my first day! Let’s get this going!!!

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Yay! Cool!

How do I message you guys so we can exchange numbers?

How’s your fasting going Lisa? my number is 510-882-2590

Not good lol… I’m starting again today. How is yours
Going? My phone number is 702-376-8068