Fast until October - 14-Day FAST

If anyone wants to get a head start and fast until October 1st - that’s 14 beautiful water fasting days!

Check-In here daily!

For anyone who needs extra support you can join our zoom calls and check-ins for the next 14 days here:

No more bullshit!



24 hours down :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yesss @Amanda_Cosme :fire::fire:

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Are we starting today? Starting to see why you start on Friday. Day 2 and 3 deserves a weekend.

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Haha actually I start on Fridays because when we started the other challenges (the coaching ones on zoom) it started April 30th, and May 1st happened to be a Friday!! And then I havent taken any time off since then since the challenges are back to back to back :joy: I’m tired, but people extend from 7 to 14 to 21 to 28 so I can’t take time off :joy: #tired!!!


little late on this train but i am currently 36 hours in :slight_smile:

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