Extended Water Fast

(Apologies - it’s a super long one)

Hello! I’m Paloma and while I have been fasting for a while (mostly ADF and 2 day fasts) and I have successfully completed longer fasts before, It’s been over a year since I managed more than four successive days and I have really been struggling to get past that mark. I am fasting because from experience I know that it works wonders for my self-esteem, mental health and emotional clarity and because I would like to lose a little weight too.

I joined the challenge on the 21st and managed to reach the 5 day mark, but had a bit of a setback because of an event outside my control. I am back now however and determined to do a minimum of seven days.I would like to ideally manage 14 days but would be thrilled to reach 21.

Listening to all the amazing stories of veteran fasters who have successfully completed 21, 30 and even 50 day fasts has been so inspiring and has made me think - I’m not special, if other people have managed, why on earth couldn’t I?

I have been struggling with mindset and motivation and I realised that I really needed a mindset shift to make this time the one that “sticks.”
This is how my mindset has changed going into this:

  • I know now that building a positive reputation with myself (i.e. keeping the promises I have made to myself) is so important as it builds self-efficacy and therefore increases motivation and the likelihood I will keep going.
  • I (and anyone else for that matter) am completely capable of doing this. There is no magic hand that forces us to break a fast, we are ultimately in control of those decisions. Even if a break/binge feels ‘inevitable’ it’s actually not. It’s a liberating thought!
    -I no longer fear urges to eat or obstacles. Rather I see these as opportunities to break negative habits and build positive ones. Each time we power through an urge, we become stronger and nurture our self-reputations. During this fast, I will reframe my obstacles.
    -Likewise, instead of approaching this fast with fear or apprehension, I am excited for the process and the outcome. In the past I have focused on what I would be ‘missing out on’ but this is no longer my focus.

Anyway, here goes! eeeeek


Hey I’m a few weeks in front of you but I’m right behind you on this. It took me three attempts to get going this year :joy: first I caved at 13 days, then I caved at 6 this time I’m ready, focused, fat and keto adapted and as you said determined to keep my promise to myself. (And just hit 300 hours)
We can totally do it if we out our mind to it, failing isn’t a hardship so long as we learn from it.
I’m excited to follow your journey into this and I’d be stoked if you made it to 21 too, make it to five and I’ll do a happy dance for you xx

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