El's 2 week update

I was getting a little discouraged today, but I’m really happy when I took my progress picture. 14 days down!

Left pic is day three, right pic is today, day 14!


Looks fantastic! Keep going!

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Thank you!!:heart:

Wow! Really well done :clap:

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Well done! Thank you for sharing your story - it really inspires me to keep going with my fast (I’m on Day 5 and want to do 21 Days).
We are strong, we are powerful, we can do it!
Big hug :hugs:


Wow, what a journey so far! :heart_eyes::muscle:

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Thank you so much!! You’ve got this girl rock it out!!:heart::heart:

Thank you so much!!:heart::heart:

I took about 2 1/2 weeks off and am back on track! Feeling great.

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