Editing post

I have tried to edit my post. I tap on the edit pencil and the top part of my post comes up. As soon as I try to scroll, I get “do you want to save changes”. I can’t access the whole post. What shall I do?
Also, I am confused what to do to know when I’ve posted something. Yesterday, I posted twice because I didn’t think the first one went through. Right now, I am tapping every thing around the screen hoping something will work.

I’ve never had that problem so I can’t help you. It’s because I use an iPad so I just scroll down with my finger. @Yasemin @Anna @Bri Do you ladies have any ideas here? He’s at the Basic level.

Hmm, I haven’t experienced that so I’m not sure I can help :thinking:

I think if you click the little arrow at the top you can minimize it and then read and then post! Or hit reply on the actual entry you want to reply on!! :pray: Let me know if that works!

Hello,im having some trouble editing a post as well. . .
I click on the pencil and it brings up the post but i cant change anything.
it is on a post i have edited before.
is there a limit to the number of times you can edit a post ?