Eastern Time Zone WF Buddy Needed through rest of May


Looking for a fasting buddy through the rest of the month.
Eastern Time Zone.
Just need someone to exchange check-in texts with.

I struggle as the mom of 3 who is cooking all the time with covid for family to make this work.
I’ve noticed that I tend to throw in the towel when my 3 year old has a tantrum, which is pretty regularly :slight_smile: Certainly I can be stronger than that!!

I want to do this because I am on the heavier end of my weight range. I don’t like how my spring/summer wardrobe fits and they could easily be mine again if I focus. I also just feel “blah” as a wife and want to feel more attractive. Last, need to reign it in some with my 40th coming up in January. It’s time I “Mari-Kondo-ed” my body. These extra pounds certainly do not spark joy. So, I’m getting rid of them. :slight_smile:

I’ve also had some lower back pain and am hoping with the anti inflammatory benefits of fasting and moderate weight loss, I will feel better. I also have nerve damage to my toes from covid last spring and notice when I fast, they don’t bother me as much. I want to make it go away, and maybe a longer fast would help me achieve that.

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