Consistency Plan - Rolling 60hr+ Fast

Hello everyone I’ve made a plan to fast for 7 days. I am making this post to keep myself accountable. I plan to post daily updates.Please feel free to join me and post what fasting routine (16:8, omad,ADF,etc) your currently doing! Let’s motivate and inspire each other ❤️

UPDATE (10/23/22) New plan is to be consistent with back-to-back/ rolling 60hr+ fast and have a 2-4 hr low carb refeed.
I recently moved to a new place and i don’t have a scale ( at the moment i don’t feel like buying one),so will be using how i feel, my clothes,photos and waist beads as a guide on how i’m doing.

Only scheduling 4 rounds for now, because i will be visiting my family from 11/8 -11/13.

Sunday 10/16/22 - 19hr Fast
Off today, so spent most of time trying to keeping my self busy at home.
i am a boredom eater so it was tough to keep myself distracted.
Fasted for 19 hr and broke with bacon and eggs.

It’s been awhile since i’ve done an extended/prolong fast so my fasting muscles are not at its peak lol.
i believe during the week will be easier for me ,since i’ll be busy with work.

Hi Sundai how are you I’m starting a water fast today and I am aiming to to past 5 days. I’m in it with you :muscle:

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Hey Mbeko! I’m doing well. How are you doing? How is day 1 so far ? Glad you will be joining :relieved:

Hey Sundai I hope you good. I did’nt log in yesterday. It slipped my mind. I’m now on day 2. I do take a cup of coffee in the morning though

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How far are you?

Monday 10/17/22 - 24hr fast
Attended a work lunch/meeting found it hard not to eat with everyone around me eating. :laughing:

Tuesday 10/18/22 - 23hr fast
another OMAD day. mental struggle is more challenging than i imagined.

Wednesday 10/19/22 - 46hr+ fast (ongoing)

On day 2, so far so good.

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Friday 10/21/22 - 75hr+ (ongoing)
Feeling good so far. I have times of low energy when I’m not doing anything, so I just take a bit of salt in my water or tea when I need a pick me up.

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Saturday 10/22/22 89 hr fast
Broke my fast today with some soup. I started feeling really light headed, saw black splotches in my vision and feeling dizzing when i try to walk around. Took that as a sign to stop :stop_sign:.
I’m just fasting to feel a bit more comfortable in my clothes( I could feel them getting snug). During this time I watched a lot of extended fasting videos and saw a video mentioning “diminishing returns” when it comes to fasting longer than 3 days.
Stages of Fasting Timeline

Since autophagy peaks at 72hours,i’m going to implement rolling 72’s !

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Round 1 of rolling 72’s :white_check_mark:
I increased my fat intake which I believe help to make the fast go smoothly for me. No uncontrollable cravings and I was able to turn down sweets, which is a big accomplishment for me.

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