Cleo’s 15 Day Water Fast

I have been attempting to go on another water fast for the past 2 weeks, but I just keep losing it on days 3-5, whenever I feel too weak to do my daily activities. I have gotten rid of my holiday/alcohol bloat and water retention for the most part, but I feel like I’m having relapses when it comes to my disordered eating habits.

Tonight, I feel extremely bloated and it’s taking a toll on my sleep and it’s giving me anxiety.
I have decided that I will be fasting or doing Keto-OMAD starting tomorrow and will transition to as water fast on 2/14/21. I will keep this post a my journal, as journaling in my Notes App has bored me in the past. This will be my first ever journal online and on public, and I’m hoping it will help a great deal as having an audience always pushes me more. Wish me luck! :joy::crossed_fingers:


You can do it!! Yes days 3-5 can be quite challenging for sure! If you give in just pick up where you left…you got this! Will you be fasting until March 1st?

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Hi Rockie, thank you! Yes, I’ll try to fast until the 1st of March, but the initial plan is to fast til the 27th of Feb. I have yet to see if my body can handle it. :joy: So far everything has been going alright.

So I actually started Day 1 on the 15th because I suddenly had to meet a good friend during Valentines. I had a diet coke and a large salad. 🥲

I also thought it will be easier to start on a Monday. Anyway, I wasn’t able to log my Days 1-3 here, as my body clock has been a total mess lately. I have been awake mostly until 8am and sleeping through out the day.

Day 1 - Been quite easy. I drank just an enough amount of water, but mostly a lot of lemon+green tea+ apple cider mixture. I was still quite full with the salad I ate lol. Like I said I have been doing omad keto, days before this, so completely stopping solids, felt easier.

Since it has been cold lately, I found myself needing something warm to drink a lot. It’s either lemon+avc or lemon+green tea.

Day 2 - I woke up quite late, felt really light, but had a massive craving for coffee so I gave in. I had 3 cups. :sweat_smile: Had my apple cider shots. Felt a bit light headed during the night whenever I’m standing up.

Day 3 - I wanted so badly to eat something. I pre-ordered tofu, on my local delivery app, thinking it will be okay; that I’ll still achieve ketosis either way. I cancelled the order after a minute of negotiating with myself and I made coffee.

The rest of the day was a tough battle of restraining myself from ordering delivery. 🥲


Hoping Days 4-5 will be easier, though I doubt it. :joy: I’m going to try to stick to lemon+avc tomorrow. But I feel like I will be needing to drink a Pocari Sweat or any electrolyte replacement I can get my hands on. I havent taken any supplements yet. Tomorrow I might drink my Calcium+Magnesium+Potassium supplement. I havent had it in like a week. I also need to stop with the coffee and tea because it is making me pee way too much, and I fear getting hypokalemia again. I tend to experience slight tinglings on my arms and hands. I still havent weighed myself. Might do it on the 5th day, as I dont want to obsess over the scale.

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I noticed there are about 5 of us fasting at the same time who started at the same time. Give or take 24 hours. It’s good to know that there are others that are roughly going through the same timelines. I’m in the middle of day three. Yay!! Keep up the good work.


Awesome!! I will be checking the forum later, to read through people’s fasting progress. Helps keep the motivation going. :heart:


I am on day 4 now, hang in there it should start getting easier that is my hope. Taking your electrolytes should help ease your hunger. One day at a time.


You are doing an amazing job. I had refeed Monday and started again. Stay in there!! I have done long fast before but for some reason having hard time going several days at a time.


I figured I’ll be updating every 3 days, but I got so busy working from home and my mother visiting me for the weekend, so here goes…

Day 4 - Still having a bit of cravings. I couldnt give up, my coffee yet. During the night I felt super hungry but I was able to sleep it off. I just want this to be over soon :joy:

Day 5 - I wasn’t at all hungry through out the day. I had coffee when I woke up, and pretty much just chugged on my gallon of water. I was pretty busy and distracted with stuff. But again, dinner time is always the toughest for me. Come 7pm, I had to drink something aside from coffee and water. I gave in and had some fish broth. I felt guilty after but I thought, it’s not so bad? I didnt eat any solid. Not such a huge damage on my fast I guess? I’m still on track and I can be a bit more in control tomorrow.

Day 6 - My mother suddenly visited. Really happy to see her but this means I will have food around me. I managed to convince her that I’m doing alright with my fast. Kept feeding her all my remaining food in the kitchen. :joy: for dinner I had to make something just for the sake of eating together. I made some broth again, and cooked some air fried chicken and veggies for her. I have to say, I couldnt stop drinking broth. I had to stop myself on my third cup! :joy: So far I havent been light headed, which is good, because I used to get headaches and dizziness around the 5th day on wards.

Day 7 - I feel energized and chirpy. My mom and I just wouldnt stop talking. I was quite thirsty though. I couldnt stop drinking water. I had 3 cups of coffee too. :sweat_smile: For dinner I had to make something again, my mother wants me to at least have something to eat while we watch a movie over dinner. I made pretty much the same broth that I’ve had the night before but I think it’s a bit saltier. I’ve become very paranoid with sodium the past few months because I’ve noticed how it makes my face bloat, along with alcohol. My broth bugged me for a good few hours, but I just decided to chug a bunch of water; and for the first time, I took my supplements of calcium, magnesium and pottasium.

Day 8 - Finally on week 2! Well I’ve decided to be more strict today. I just had water throughout the day. My mother left in the afternoon so I didnt need to make the broth. For dinner I had green tea instead, and currently sipping on my gallon of water. Earlier tonight, around 7pm I had a bit of tingling on my right hand and on my right pectorals. This happens when I’m low on potassium, so I took my supplements and electrolytes. I’m going to be up until late, I reckon, and I get the feeling that I might crave broth later. In that case I guess I’ll just have to do apple cider shots or make a cup of coffee or tea.

I really want my next days to be just purely water :joy: but I cant seem to control myself. I’ll try to stick to just water tomorrow + supplements. Wish me luck!

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Almost done on my 8th day and I feel pretty great. :smile: And yes, I’m taking my electrolytes and supplements. They really do help.

I hope you’re doing great as well. Good luck on your next days! :smile:

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I feel you! I’ve done this before as well. Sometimes you just gotta take a break and that’s okay. It normally happens to me when I’m doing light exercises or when I’m forced to eat because of friends and social stuff. I try as much as possible to get back on track, but sometimes I just completely get derailed. :sweat_smile: I have been doing long fasts for quite some time now, multiples times in a year, but not all attempts are succesful. :joy:

Well anyway, I hope you’re doing well. Good luck on resuming, you can do it! :grin:

Awwww thank you so much!!! Yes not all mine have been successful either. We got this for sure! Girl I am going to have to do a mental reset for sure!

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You are doing great! I am just doing short fast and building myself up. It’s all good. Let’s keep going :muscle:t5: