Blank Monthly Printable Fasting Tracker Calendars

Here are blank monthly Fasting Tracker Calendars that you can print and fill out every month:

It’s important to track your fasting days in order to be proud of yourself and look at the bigger picture!

Here are the 3 versions:

Text & Checkboxes:

Customizable Checkboxes


Here is a link to download all the weekly food journals and monthly fasting tracking calendars:



Thank you I appreciate these. Am I the only one who struggles towards end of the month? I always start the month well with my OMAD and alternate day fasting but then towards my ovulation or period week it all goes downhill from there I consume over 2800 calories per day and can not fast. Its almost winter in the southern hemisphere and when its cold I just feel like comfort food warms me up and that I need to eat or else I feel down. I’m pathetic!! :sob:

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You can do this!!! :sparkling_heart: Doesn’t matter how many times we fall off!!!

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I wish there was an app i could use to track water fast

There are lots! LIFE and Zero are good :slight_smile: I will eventually build one too!

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