August Fasting Thread!

Hi Everyone :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

August is here, so in order to plan for success, I encourage everyone to make a 30 day plan from
today until the end of the month!

Please post a photo of your plan/calendar below in the comments and bookmark this page!

Here’s a link to some free “fill in the blanks” calendar templates:

Here is my calendar for my current August post-partum goals! :sparkling_heart:

I am also vlogging daily on YouTube to hold myself accountable to eating healthy and exercising so your are welcome to post your progress (fasting/exercise/how you feel) in the comments of my daily vlogs on YouTube


Oh Yasmin I’ve missed this space. It’s like your post called me :joy: I’ve come on to check old measurments as Ive started a fast… And look your doing a thing :sunglasses::joy::blush:

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Let’s go!! :sparkling_heart::fire:

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I’m in… Thanx a lot @Yasemin .

My exams are over now and after such an hectic year of study I need some break to Recharge myself for the Final Year …
And It’s been so long I haven’t started prolonged fast… I was doing Alternate day Fasting (40:8) since last 3mnths… Now I want to start a water only fast for 2 weeks atleast …
I will stay accountable here…

I’ll take a printout of my Fasting Calendar and I’ll post my stickies soon…


Awesome let’s go!!!

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Day 1 successfully completed :blush::blush:… Tomorrow will be tough since there is a Family Function in my house… But I’m well prepared and I have convinced everyone that I will not eat anything…


Hi there,

I am planning on doing a ten day water fast, preceded by a three day juice fast, and ending with a three day bone broth fast. I will start the juice fast on the 15th of August, and will end the bone broth fast on August 30th. I haven’t fasted for almost two years, and was on this forum for the duration of the 21 days of that fast. I found the forum very helpful, and I hope that I was able to help others. Wish me luck, and the best of luck for you all.