Anna’s weight loss jouney

Hi all! I’ve been poking around here for a year under another name but lost my password so starting new which actually feels good … a new beginning. :slightly_smiling_face:

I started at 265 (ugh!!) but currently at 207 (all weight loss within a year time frame. I tried to lose it all in one long water fast but that didn’t happen (no surprise there coming from me - staying on track is hard!!!)

Food is my love! I could eat everyday all day … it numbs me and literally gives me a high. If I had one wish it’d be to eat all I could but stay 120 pounds … lol. Lame wish I know with all the crap going on in the world but that’s the selfish part of me :no_mouth:.

Water fasting is hard and I’ve done quite a few 10 days or under but this time I am starting a juice fast … I would like to go 60 days to get most of this weight that’s left on me. I’ve been preparing now for a few months for this, so here I go!! Please wish me luck and I will be rooting for you all too. It feels so good to be healthy and feel good in my own skin … been too long.