Alipio’s Compare 1st 2 21-Day Fast Pics

NOTE: The ReFeed and Workout phases after the 1st 21-day were to focus on feeding the newly produced stem cells to replace cannibalized dead cells from the fast and to add lean muscle mass. The primary focus was NOT on weight maintenance, as a former diabetic rebuilding a strong physical foundation for the final third of my “6-pack at 60” project had the higher priority.

Combined with the fact that my body’s set points were:
August 9th 2019: 278lbs - Starting Point
December 1st 2019: 197lbs - End of 40-day fast,
Meant my body was going to mount an effort to gain back some of its original weight.

You can understand by the time I started the 2nd 21-day fast my BEFORE weight was only a 2 pound difference. However, at least IMO, you can some signs of the intervening 30-day workout phase in the 2nd 21-day pictures.


How did you refeed? Did you follow a plan or make your own plan?

The ReFeed plan depends on the purpose of the fast. Since the refeeds of the last 6-months have been to support the overall project goal of “6-Pack at 60”, that’s the guiding principle. Also depends on the daily fasting regimen you switch to after the fast.

With that in mind, let’s use my recently completed refeed which came at the end of the project:

  1. No fasting regimen for 1st 7 days.
    Reason: I want to feed all the new homeostatic stem cells that were produced during the fast to fuel their conversion to new cells in my major organ to replace all the cannibalized dead cells consumed during the fast.

  2. Minimize foods that contain HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup). Since this crap is in everything its easy for it to accumulate in the liver which can lead to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease which can lead to impaired metabolic health.

  3. I follow a low carb guidelines but I don’t believe in Keto. The reason is our diverse gut bacteria require an equally diverse number of carbohydrates. I.e. beans. Also from experience anything that isn’t simple (keto recipes) isn’t sustainable especially when unexpected stress events happen.

  4. After the initial 7 days, I try to adhere as closely to a I.F. 20:4 Time Restricted Feeding schedule doing 2MAD (2 meals a day). I follow the French tradition of a “petit déjeuner” (small breakfast) of cottage cheese w/blueberries for anti-inflammatory reasons with either a pandesal (Filipino version of Hawaiian sweet bread) or bagel w/cream cheese to wake up my brain. My 2nd meal is a standard carbs/protein/fat meal all homemade.

Hope this answers your question.