Alipio’s Before & After 40-Day Water Fast

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This is from Day 1 of the 40-Day Water Fast and from Day 15 of the Rebuilding the Body Phase which followed immediately after I completed the 40-Day. I waited until today so I can also report all the relevant stats from my blood panels taken on 12/11 and reviewed at doctor’s office on 12/13. NOTE: I joined the forum on Day 3 of my 40-Day so the stats are my personal daily journal I started when I began my custom treatment protocol on August 9th earlier this year.

Day 1 - 40-Day

Weight: 244lbs
Blood Sugar: 109
Blood Pressure: 172/102
HA1c: 6.2 (Middle of Pre-Diabetic range)
Medications: Total 5: 2 Hypertension, 1 Cholesterol, 1 Diabetic & 1 Gout/Arthritis

Day 15 - Rebuild Body Phase

Weight: 209lbs - Total loss: 35lbs (9lbs water weight - 26lbs fat)
Note: Gain of 12lbs since end of fast due to regrowth of major organs with new cells replacing dead cells canibilized during fast, regrowth of small loss of lean muscle mass during fast and water weight.

Blood Sugar: 89
Blood Pressure: 121/81 - Normal
HA1c: 5.7 - Right on the border of Normal. Top of Normal range is 5.6
Medications: All 5 Officially approved by doctor to drop. Medication FREE!

1st pic is from Day 1 of 40-Day of 2-photo sequence. One front and one side.


Found one of my Mr. Billable Hours suits!

I lost a bunch of old business suits to water and mold that I had in storage in the garage. When I began to see success with my treatment protocol I began regretting the loss. Today I began digging into all the dry cleaning thats been hanging in my closet for years and I found that I had one of my suit coats in there! Best of all it fit! I think the last time I wore this ensemble was in the late 90s. I bought this in the Garment District of Los Angeles where you can still find good deals if you know where to go. Had to share this.


Amazing! I’ve been following your journey since October 27th, and it’s crazy to see how far you’ve come in such a short period of time. Congratulations!

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Thank you. One of my motivations was providing a “roadmap” for others in the forum.


The transformation is Amazing…and it really makes you question if indeed we do need medication or with the right support and plan and the patient taking an ACTIVE role in their health we can for many ailments become disease free…

We do need medication … for infectious diseases. I wouldn’t turn down anesthesia if they were going to perform surgery on me!

However, for all metabolic diseases it all comes down to what we eat and when. I remember eating bologna sandwiches and white bread, and going to McDonalds, KFC and In-n-Out as a kid but very few people were fat.

It’’s only with the replacement of sugar with HFCS and the engineering of food to take advantage of our senses do we have the current obesity and diabetic health crisis we have now.

Wow, absolutely amazing! Thank you for sharing and inspiring others!