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I am 40 years old - Started at 305, currently at 280 from stationary biking and eating clean - however this achievement took over 6 months (I hated it). I also discovered how much I HATE biking, running and working out in general. I like being active, hiking and swimming - but when I work out it is not for pleasure and I dread the time of my workout. I have since cut back on working out dramatically and also have reversed my eating habits back to the SAD Diet. While working out daily, it was difficult as I was still eating often and snacking, so any gains were strictly from shear force and if I didn’t bike hard, would be over calories as I REALLY enjoy eating.

This 1st entry is on Day 5 of my fast. I was struggling and jumped on YT to see if anyone was talking about fasting and ran across Yasemin. She walked me off the edge so-to-speak and I am now going to be hopefully updating this daily journal on my progress.

Today has been difficult but I am not sure if hunger pains will remain as I was drinking juice the first (3) three days - but have been on a standard water fast for day 4 and 5. I have been struggling today with hunger…

I have also setup a “Fast Stickies” as Yasemin has discussed. I am most concerned about days 6-7 as they are Saturday and Sunday. This week I have been very busy at work, so it has kept my mind from wandering - this weekend will give me difficulty. Additionally, weekday nights are hard because if I sit down to watch TV with my wife, I am used to eating and snacking so I have avoided this situation and activity.

Lastly, I am doing the water fasting this time for multiple reasons. Yes, I would like to lose weight, however this alone will not get me through to the end because I have wanted to lose weight for awhile.

  1. I would like to break my eating cycle and rid my life of food addiction.
  2. I would like to feel more healthy in a general sense - not body perception.
  3. I would like to see if I have the strength and motivation to complete a fast.
  4. I would like to test my mental limits.

I do not have a set date/goal for this fast, but currently am just looking to make it until I arrive back at work Monday morning!

Good luck to everyone at this community and wish me luck!


I will try to journal often, but only weigh myself on Mondays as if I weigh myself daily can easily become distracted and discouraged. I will update my new weight on Monday and a successful weekend!


Good luck! You can do it! I have a couple of tips if you don’t mind. First, chewing on ice that you buy at a store (not homemade ice-too big and hard). Just fill up a tumbler when it is time to watch tv with the wife. Or at any time. If you absolutely have to, squirt some fresh lemon juice on your ice. Second, many fasting clinics allow unsweetened herbal teas. Teas were tremendously helpful for me when I was learning how to fast. In fact, I would not have been able to do a fast if not for tea. You still get all of the benefits of a fast except total gut rest. Both of these things saved my life!

In regards to your hunger, if you stopped your juice fast on day three, then you should reach ketosis and that is when your hunger should plummet around days 6 or 7. Maybe Monday. As long as you don’t add any artificial sweeteners or sugar to your teas. Sometimes it goes away completely and other times it is just a lot less bothersome. The most important thing is to be easy on yourself! Rock on with your socks on!


Thank you Esbyrose. I didn’t know if the 3 days of juice fasting would delay ketosis… Great tips above and I will start them tonight - ice would give me the satisfaction of chewing something! I will keep my sight on Monday!


Hello, I feel inspired to reply as I could relate to your post… one of the things I have done this past 6 months is realize that 80% of my binging/cravings problem is the actual food creating it, not so much the emotions. I always thought, whats wrong with me?, why can’t I stick to any grand plan I come up with?? I thought I just couldn’t handle the stress of the day … I decided one day that I was going to slowly quit (I mean forever quit) certain foods I crave the most. I fasted for 9 days and then shortly after quit glutten (I still ate glutten free bread, glutten free chips, etc). Just that alone slowed down the cravings ( our modern wheat is very addicting/opioid like!)… 3 weeks later I quit all sugar (even bran muffins, etc)… I don’t like fruit so that wasn’t issue although I’d probably eat fruit if I liked it. Next (2 months later) went all things cheddar cheesy (lasagna, pizza, cheese and crackers, nachos)… I still put cheese on a salad or a slice on a glutten free sandwhich)… white cheeses seem to not be as addictive but melted cheese takes me to binging/numbing lala land :slight_smile:… the last one to go is chips/fries (already glutten free)… I’m doing that this week. I’m telling you, the cravings are wayyyyy down, I’m slowly losing weight and fasting OMAD or every other day has been soooo much easier. Plus my confidence is up because I’m accomplishing something good for me. I will fair warn you though once you quit one the others will ramp up for cravings but it’s ok, just don’t go back to the first one. :slight_smile:

My 4 Foods that I crave are wheat/glutten, sugar, melted cheese and chips. Yours might be different but cutting them one at a time was the only way I could do it! Trust me I’m a black n white thinker and to me it was all or nothing but that never worked !!! I started at 240, I’m closer to 200 now and just these steps alone are helping. I too want to do a longggg fast and just drop this weight so gearing up for that too. Perhaps my words don’t help but this has been life changing for me. I know for a fact if I go back to eating any of those I’ll be back to my daily cravings and binges which I’ve done for yeeaarrss. Good luck and you can do this !!! :slight_smile::four_leaf_clover:

Great work! I may try OMAD after my water fast, for me I think it wouldn’t seem alot different after having been on a fast!

Day 7 this morning, went to bed early to escape hunger but woke up in the same state… tomorrow is back to work which i find easier.

Kept busy in the barn helped out alot today, but I had absolutely no energy. I find myself making sloth-like movements. Anyone else had that a week in?

A week in the final serious hump for me, anything after is solved with electrolytes or sleep, (unless it’s a breakfast cue) .
Naturally our bodies slow down, your in a state of conserving energy for when you spot that fish in the river spear in hand or have to run away from something dangerous or have the opportunity to forage or snare rabbits ect
Fasting is a different pace, you’ll find yours. Your glycogen stores are spent, you’ll find you have a buffer of energy, once spent you have to return to a slower pace or rest to replenish it. So go steady, slowly, methodically, become your own walking meditation :blush:

Thanks Cate! Good to know that there is a one week hump I am almost over.

I checked my weight today and I am down 20lbs from last week to a now 260lbs. I really feel slow and sluggish with all my sloth-like movements but I will remain steadfast. Wednesday is 10 days and the next “FASTING STICKIES” goal date - stay strong everyone!


Not sure why but I am struggling so much today and considering breaking my fast tomorrow. I have the triple combo: No energy, Hunger Pains as well as Generally crappy mood. For some reason, day 8 has been the worst day for me.


Sometimes fasting can be unpredictable, not sure how you will feel from one day to the next. You could find that tomorrow you are not hungry at all, let’s hope that’s what happens, to help you along, are you taking your supplements? Like your salt, potassium, Apple cider vinegar, maybe take a bit more and see if it helps you, also take some first thing in the morning and see how you feel. Whatever happens, 8 days is an awesome accomplishment. And you can restart again soon if need be.:+1:t4:

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Sounds like you can make it until tomorrow. Just focus on today. You might be surprised tomorrow and feel great. One day at a time. Don’t worry about tomorrow. You are doing great!

20 lbs in 7 days? Awesome stuff Adam! For me the 5 - 7 day mark is when the pain sets in (Nausea) I get insomina from day 3… And I have never gone past 7 days. Reading the journals here, it appears fasting gets easier after the 7 days.

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Yes, the hardest part of yesterday was the nausea, followed by the hunger. I made it through yesterday, however I will be converting to OMAD starting tonight and maybe start another 7-day fast in a couple of weeks. Maybe next time I will incorporate some lemon water or something else as the last 8 days has been nothing but room temp water and salt.


Get a good herbal tea to enjoy when you plop down to watch TV at the end of the day. You get to hold the warm cup/keeps hands occupied and you get to smell something delicious and keep your fast and progress happening!

I am used to having a glass of wine with my husband when we chill at the day’s end but a tea fills that void.

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