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Here is the daily journal page for you to compile your thoughts in order to have a nice online journal to write in every day to compile your thoughts, create your own “Topic” under the daily journal category:

Step 1: Create a topic

  • Topic name can be anything you want like “Yasemin’s daily journal”

Step 2: Bookmark your page

  • Bookmark the topic page in order to be able to quickly refer to it and come back every day

Step 3: Post your first entry

  • Regardless of which day you’re on, create your first entry in the body of your topic post. Break everything down as much as you want. Write everything down!
    • Define your “WHY” - Why are you doing this?
    • What are your long term and short term goals?
    • What are some struggles you face or you have faced in the past
    • What is your game plan? (/.e. OMAD intermittent Fasting + Keto + Water Fasting
    • How do you feel right now? (Happy, Sad, Anxious, etc.) and why?
    • How will you feel once you achieve your goal? (Visualization)
    • Write down your daily positive affirmation: “I am…” (I.e. "I am passionate, I am strong, I am capable and I will achieve my dream body once and for all, no more excuses!)
    • Write anything else you want to write, let this flow freely since it’s your journal for yourself!

Step 4: Reply to yourself every day

  • Every day, reply to your own topic: (you can also read and comment on other people’s journals)
  • Day 1: do your positive affirmations and write your thoughts",
  • Day 2: write your thoughts,
  • Day 3: write your thoughts and anything else you want to log.

Spend some time here to reflect daily in order to analyze your eating patterns, understand your emotional triggers and debunk your food addictions in order to build your mental resilience and

Happy Journalling!


All went fine until just before. I had a few brazil nuts and regret it now!! Back on the fasting wagon now!

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Hi! I am wanting to join along in this adventure and love the idea of having people to be focused on the same goals! I currently am on Day 2 of water fasting. In the past I have attempted on and off and always seemed to cave in around day 2 or 3. I am DETERMINED to stick with it this time with the goal of losing weight for my wedding at the end of January. It will be a destination wedding so warm weather and bikini weather which means I NEED to stick with my goal of 14 day water fasting!!! Can’t wait to see everyone’s results and all the adventures along the way! :raised_hands::grinning:


“It’s not how many times we’ve fallen that matters. It’s how many times we get back up and continue fighting.”


The struggle is real today but goal is stuck in my brain!! ACV today with my water and trying to stay focused and busy!


Exactly! I love all your contributions, you are amazing!


Maybe we can partner up in the near future. I feel your strength is in emotionally supporting and encouraging people while I’m more in research and communicating info.


Agreed! Needed that today. Thanks!


at least it was just a few brazil nuts, great choice if you were breaking the fast. Its hard for me to just eat a few of them!


Five days is too much for me at this time! I did another 60 hours this week and now I am on alternate day fasting and I am loosing weight!


ADF is great Thats awesome!! :pray:

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Keep your eyes on your goal, don’t look back. You can do it!

September 13, 2020 Day 1 of Fasting

I’m here…again. I have learned a few things though. No matter how many times I fall, I will continue to get up and fight for my health.

Food is not my friend. I know and understand that now.

Every journal starts with a single step…

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