40 Day Water Fast Journal

Hi, last night I started a 40 day water fast. I’ve completed more 5-10 day water fasts than I can count. The longest fast I’ve done has been 11 days. Recently I’ve had a goal to fast for 40 days and I know that I am prepared after years of water fasting; although, I am definitely intimidated by this goal. I have plenty of excess weight to support this fast and I’m very excited! I wanted to share my experience on this forum.


About 24 hours in now.
Today was a breeze, I only felt hungry once around the 20hr mark. I briefly considered having one last meal and then starting again but knew that was silly. It’s funny because hunger really does leave as quickly as it comes. Once the urge to eat disappeared, I was so happy to still be fasting. I think the key to the early stages of fasting is understanding how hunger works. It shows up, causes irritability and major temptation, then once you push through it, it completely disappears. And it’s so worth pushing through.
I’ll have to keep this in mind tomorrow. I have a feeling Day 2 will be the most challenging for me, mostly because work will be slow so I won’t be as distracted as I’d like to be from the hunger and boredom that still remains so early in the fast. I must be strong! It’ll be well worth it.

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38 Hours In
I woke up feeling great despite only sleeping about two hours (bad sleep had more to do with jet lag than fasting). It’s about midway through the day now and I haven’t had any trouble which I’m grateful for. I expected to struggle today but I’ve been feeling great. Hopefully it lasts. :slight_smile:

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Can i join you?

I am disgusted with myself. I have tried and tried and tried to do a water fast recently and have failed over ten times now! Done two before but I am really unwell and desperately need to do it.

I am going to do the water fast along with omad(beign soup or bone broth) along with vitamins. Do you mind if we support each other? Hows yours going?

How you finding it? I seem to bloody eat when am stressed and I have no self control at the moment. Need to find the strenght to do this. How on earth do you do it?

I did 34 days in the past but I was desperate. I think I can only do this when I think am going to die or when I get so ill I am very worried and nervous! How about you?

You can do it!

Hi, apologies for the late reply, I forgot I was tracking on this forum. I would LOVE to support each other during this fast! How are you? How many hours in are you? You can do it. I would say my biggest advice is to stay as busy as possible. And remember that you we only every do things that we want to do. So remember, you WANT to fast. Remember why you need to fast and how it will improve your life. And bring you the life that you want. Will you want to eat? Sure. But you must want to fast more than you want to eat! Focus on your want to fast rather than your want to eat. That’s my best advice. We can do this :muscle::pray:

Thanks Jess. I really could do with the support. Day four. Finding it harder today. I am doing ok I suppose. The last few days went ok. To be honest I agree being busy is very important but I pushed myself too hard on day two to be as busy as possible and to be honest I came home and thought I was going to faint. In fact while having some water I nearly passed out. Yes so beautiful what you say that we want to fast. I like bring the life you want. What are your goals with fasting? What do you hope to achieve through it? Yes I agree. I think writing down what you hope to achieve and like you said thinking long term about the consquences of not doing it is helpful. I am very unwell to be honest and my system needs detoxing. I feel ashamed of myself and how this has happened. I am disheartened and incredibly humiliated by some of the things going on with me which gives me so much pain. I agree the focus needs to be on. How many days are you in? You got this to. Thank you so much for your support. I hope yours is going well. Have you read any fasting books? would you reccomend any? How many days do you want to do. Keep going! we can do it!!!

Thank you for this. I appreciate your support so much. I’m completing day eight now. Feeling lethargic, I think I’m low on electrolytes. How are you? What day are you on?

Hi Jess. I am on day seven. Really feeling it today. My anxiety levels have been through the roof. I am a mess this morning with my emotions. Don’t know what’s going on! I read your anxiety can go through the roof. I am just worrying about the stupidiest and silliest of things. I am not myself in any way. Yesterday before I went to bed I was utterly being ridicolous. What detox are we supposed to go through? What are you supposed to feel? Do you release stored up things in your system? I am not sure what is supposed to happen to be honest? I feel very anxious which is strange?

Keep going though. I am day seven. Well done for day eight. You have actually done quite well. It’s way harder than you think. You got through a lot.

You have to be your own cheer leader. Not easy. Lets stay in touch. I could do with speaking to someone really.