40 Day Fast Starting Sunday Evening June 12th

I will be fasting starting tomorrow night sometime and ending July 21 - National Junk Food day :joy:

I’ve successfully gone through 21 day fasts in the past so this will definitely be a serious challenge.

Going through the fridge today to finish cleaning out and freeze what I can.

Attempting to ween out of smoking too so this should be a wild trip.

I’m feeling the need for a huge change and some self control.

I’m blessed in that I don’t have any responsibilities to anyone else but myself at this point - so embarking on this journey at a good time for me. No real holidays or “feasting events” happening over the summer.

Will be happy if anyone wants to join me but understand completely if it’s just me.

About to spend the next half hour getting some calendars and stickies up in the bathroom.

I’ll be weighing in daily just to keep track and be accountable.

Today I’m 224 - that may go up a lb or 2 by tomorrow because I’m not holding back from any last requests this weekend. Getting that all out of my system.


I’m in let’s do this together


I would love to join. I really need take some changes for health and personal reasons…I am heavier than I have ever been and it’s affecting my asthma and my allergies. I am afraid I will die if I don’t do something and stick with it and not ready to leave my kids. I am also trying to cut out smoking at the same time. I could use the support system. I am going through a lot right now but I have to make serious changes for me and my girls. Good luck in your fast!


Hi @Katie_Stevens and @Queens!

Jump on in and do what you do :smiley:

Went out with a friend last night on a drive. We didn’t know what to have or where to go for a final dinner. We drove around for at least an hour and it was kind of funny. I thought to myself it’d be funny if we just drove around every night for an hour thinking about where to go eat - and then maybe she could just drop me home undecided for the next 40 nights.

I did have quite a bit to eat yesterday so today is actually starting off quite easy. Woke up earlier and thought about coffee and decided to stay put in bed. I’d like to do this particular without the coffee.

Scale is jumped up to 227. It’s just a number to track progress for me. What I really look forward to is clothes feeling loose and falling off me again. Being more productive and finishing projects that need to get done.

Sitting outside with my first glass of water for the day.

I feel different going into this fast than the other times. I felt like the message for me to do this now came from a higher self perspective. Feel like I’m getting ready for something but I don’t know what that is exactly.

While laying in bed I thought about not having to go anywhere for the next month and a half. Except a Wednesday night group thing with some girlfriends that I’ll just refer to as game night. And that is cancelled this coming Wednesday as one friend will be out of town for the week.

If I’m really good I’ll talk myself into doing some walking guided meditations in the next week or so. I’ll be doing daily sitting meditations for now.

I’m expecting to see a whole different person this time. The best parts of me like the cream rising to the top.


Good Morning People!

Day 2 has begun. Or I could say 39 days left.


I probably won’t do continuous 40 day fast. But, I plan on doing multiple extended fasts during this time. I am starting today. I’ll keep jumping in here for inspiration. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Good luck! :blush:


On day 3 already! Got a mild headache on and off, otherwise feeling good. Hanging at my friends house who is out of town this week. Watching some videos on manifesting. Really feeling all the stress that’s been pent up in my body coming out.

Scale at friends house says 224. I did have a BM this morning - missed one yesterday. I know I’m full of crap still though. :rofl:

I think I’ve been quite dehydrated and my water weight is going up. Won’t be surprised to see things dip below 220 this weekend. Looking forward to some clothes feeling a bit more comfortable in the next few weeks.

I am still very excited about the next 37 days. Starting to deflate worry and stress just feels great in itself.

May you all be having stress free focused days!

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222.6 this morning.

Stomach is not hungry, but gurgling and making noises just now. May get a haircut and a pedicure today.

Headache comes and goes. Hopefully it will just GO today.

It’s amazing. I had other times with intention to get back on the wagon, and this time I went in with ease. Just trying to wrap my head around the easy times and why some times I seem to have no will power at all.

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Hey there… joining in and starting today. My weight went up over the past 10 years. I’ve done a lot of fasting in the past to keep my weight down. Lost weight during COVID but had a health set back. I’m in the same weight zone as you also 223. Trying to get back down to 165 and realize this is a journey. Looking forward to reading your posts and progress! This is really encouraging!!


Hi @L_Melina_Hunt! Awesome! How tall are you?

I’ve been on this forum a couple of years now. I lost and got down to 160’s I believe (would have to go digging) and then went through end of year holidays (year before last) and lost my way with too much distraction and stress. So I’m back up but now going back down again and really would like to keep myself moderated and find a goal weight by February of next year. But if it takes a little longer I’m ok with that too.

My primary goal of this fast is to kick under 200 and fit into some clothes. I got rid of some things last time my weight was down but need to be serious about getting rid of EVERYTHING that is too large on me this time. I think I need to start actually measuring my clothes - not just go by what size it says as they are all so different. I’m fooling myself with something that says 16 when it actually stretches to an 18. You just gave me an idea. Maybe I measure and rip tags out and put in custom tags. :grinning:

I just did an awesome hour long meditation and as part of it I pictured myself in my new body and what I’m wearing and what I look like. Dang I’m sexy and cute. :rofl: But even better I’m flexible like I used to be and full of energy.

My end all be all is around 145. I’m 5’6.

Need to work on what the refeed is going to look like as this is a long fast for me. And probably should keep it within a 4-6 hour window so as not to lose momentum and transition into some intermittent plan to stick to through the end of the year. Some short fast cycling mixed in.

Because this is such a long challenge for myself I do have some boxed organic bone broth around for emergency - but hopefully I don’t open that for another 36 days.

Right now I’m just playing a game with my head telling myself it’s the first day every day.

Feeling a bit nauseous today. Good for 15-20 minutes and then feeling like I’m going to lose my water lunch. Didn’t feel anything during the meditation so will be doing that a couple more times today. I expect to be feeling better by the weekend.

ATM I’m wanting to just feel well enough to go get a hair cut this afternoon and perhaps a pedicure. Hair is below my neck and longest it’s been in a couple of years. Thinking some pampering will help pull me out of the funk.


Hey there. I’m about 5’7 myself and just reading your post was so cathartic because I’ve definitely been there. For some reason my body loves 200+ lbs and once that is your normal it seems like it takes a number of resets to convince it otherwise. I feel like a grizzly bear perpetually coming out of hibernation. Fast, eat, and plump up. That’s the journey I’m on. But like you it’s conquering the refeed. It’s a beast. Have you ever felt like the queen of gaining and losing around 20-23lbs? You get right to the edge and maybe 2-3lbs under 200 and that’s when your body forces you to break a fast.


I don’t think I even realized when I went back over 200. When I was fasting over a year ago I was pretty good about making progress in chunks - but I got cocky after a bit and stopped looking at the scale - and that’s when everything just all went up again.

I have mental issues. I perceive myself as much thinner than I am. :rofl: Then it’s only when I see a photo or actually look in a mirror that I realize I’m big right now.

I think I am highly reliant on the scale to give me a number to show me my progress and convince me I really did lose something.

Today’s lucky number is 221.4. I will focus on the good news. Only about 77-80 lbs to go. I think I may be able to get there before the years end. Wouldn’t that be swanky.


I have mental issues. I perceive myself as much thinner than I am. :rofl: Then it’s only when I see a photo or actually look in a mirror that I realize I’m big right now.

This is such a mood! I feel like that all the time. I have this thing where I don’t look at mirrors often. As in I’ll go to rest room look at myself, but not really “see”. Not sure if that makes sense. Until one day when I actually perceive what I am looking at. And then I realize how I am looking. Haha

What do you do when you meditate? I can never clear my mind of all thought. My mind wanders a LOT. So, I have just stopped trying. But, I would love to get into the habit if possible.


@Aps Last year I went to 2 events with Dr. Joe Dispenza. They were both a week long, and by the end we were doing 4 hour meditations. There’s a joke he displays on the big screen showing a dog and it says something like “just sit and stay” - which is half the battle of meditation.

There’s no bad meditations, as every try and effort is valid and it takes persistence to get into the zone. It’s a training just like learning a new skill. You have to show up for it. Some days feel like progress and some feel like nothing but you will learn something new every time.

There’s quite a few guided meditations on youtube now. Look up “water rising meditation” - that’s one of my favorites. I have some others I ordered online, but there are quite a few to try free on youtube.

If you do it long enough, you will be aware when other thoughts start creeping in and you just shoe them away and go back to concentrating on the meditation.

I have to sit up in a chair (or I fall asleep quickly laying down), get comfortable, and make sure the phone is off or far away, and just do it. Like fasting, focus on the task at hand. Or like when you are fasting and that nagging voice comes in saying go ahead and eat something - but you’re not even hungry. Shoe it away and think about how good you will feel for just going a bit further.



Pushing on.

Happy Saturday!

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You’re doing awesome! Great results and hang in there. Have an awesome Saturday!

  1. A mere 20lbs to go to get back to Onderland. I keep looking at the roll on my belly and asking how did that get there.

I may have to get a JOB by the end of summer and I’m terrified of this stomach still being so prominent. It makes it really hard to find clothes I feel comfortable in that are work friendly. I need to continue some form of fasting for the rest of the year definitely. Going to have to stay on top of what ever is coming off. Or should I say below.

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As much as I love seeing the number go down it’s all about how the clothes fit and the ones I need to fit into are not fitting yet. Everything in the last year has really gone to my tummy/trunk area.

Not feeling confident today in getting to the 40 days. But happy there’s been this progress so far after the several failed restarts I had. One day at a time and just taking it as I go.

Spent some time reading some successful OMAD/Keto stories. One hour window and consistently eating at the same time every day seemed to be a winning story.

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Ugh, I broke the fast last night with some broth. I was feeling stressed and totally off and my stomach was wrenching.

This thread will likely die soon. :joy:

Haven’t eaten today. Need to reassess with a new plan.

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Don’t worry about that. Try to ease back into eating. That’s the part I have messed up always. Last time I tried testing my ketone levels even though I started eating carbs post 9 day fast and my ketone numbers were still high. ( approx 2 something). So, I think my microchrondria were still processing fat. Even though I was burning sugar too. I think this is what experienced fasters mean by metabolic flexibility. So, if your goal is weight loss then you probably don’t need to fast as long now. You can do OMAD or 36 or 42 hr fasts.

Keep the post going if possible. I like reading treads for inspiration.

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