40 day fast need support

Hi I am 4 hours n 51 mins into my 40 day fast, looking to extend to 100 days if i can get up to 40. Longest i have done is between 17-20 hours. Looking for a buddy to do this with as i think it will help keep me focused more. I want to reverse type 2 d diabetes and lose weight. I am about 73 kilos ( 160 lbs) looking to get to 55 kilos ( 121 lbs) I have nobody supporting me through this and have given up many times before not even my family i live with support me they talk me out of it or are against it. But i have a goal to reach 100 days eventually. If you would like to join me i would appreciate it. thanks

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I have a famous history of beginnings and do-overs…hi there, my name is Donna I am only a few hours in my water fast, so I can fast forward/fail forward alongside of ya

I can join for 7-10 days. If it’s going well maybe continue after.

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Looking to do 40 days too. We can do together. Am going to have to go all in. Going to be in the battle I know it from now! How you getting on. What you hoping to achieve? What are your goals? What do you hope to get by the end?

Hi Donna.

Good work. Dont know how you have the history? Any tips would be helpful. I am reall behind. I have only done two fasts. One 14 days, one 34 days. Please help. I would love to do what you said but I have no idea how you do it as I get really tired you see.

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plus I just lose my self control and am paying this horrible price and now I hate myself. I just can’t understand whats wrong with me. I need better self control.

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Hi @Wecandoit
I will fast again from the 25th of this month, hope this helps, try and do some intermittent fasting to get yourself ready or do omad. I’m not free to check in much until then. I have fasted for 5 days and refeed then fast straight away. If you want to do some shorter fasting for now and we can arrange to do something from the 25th. All the best. I think fasting has been quiet this month, everyone is probably having a break.