36 days of water fasting

I’m turning 36 in 36 days. New life. New beginnings. New me.


Welcome @Isabella,

36 days fast for turning 36 is a good way to do your fast. I’m on day 1, not sure for how long. Let’s do this🙏🏽

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Thank you :pray:t5:
I’m in this with you.
Day 1 for me starts right now.

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Day 1 was going well until I stupidly had a coffee and 3 ritz crackers at midday. Wasn’t even hungry but felt the need to chew something. I’m not giving up! I’m back on this 36 day fast and I’m learning a lot about myself. I won’t be fooled again because of so I’ll have to come back on this journal and tell the truth again lol. 36 days just drinking water, I can do this.

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