21 days water fasting or maybe more

Back again with waterfast! I managed to do 13 days but this time I am ready hit my goal weight before The holidays. Fingers crossed

Starting weight 77.3 kgs

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Just finished a 12 some time ago ready to go again but didn’t have a set time period let’s do it! Message me any place where you would like to keep in touch.

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Day 1 completed - 75.9 kgs total loss: 1.4 kgs.
I felt really energetic and not hungry at all. I have crazy cravings but I’m making sure not to go back to my old habits. @SeaShvrk yes let’s do this ! Holidays are approaching , let’s get snatched :grinning:

Struggling to get started, started my timer a while ago so day one officially tomorrow :muscle:

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You got this , @SeaShvrk starting the fast is the most hardest bit , once you start you will eventually feel motivated.

Day 2 feeling a bit weak lost 0.2 kgs not sure why. Maybe because I did a 12 days waterfast end of October. If the scale doesn’t move I will assume I’m losing inches. Going to stay positive ! Thinking of doing weekly check ins instead of daily but I will see how it goes.

Agreed! Once it starts it’s easy to keep it rolling also I suggest periodic mirror checks you can really see a lot that way!

Fell of the wheels sadly but Im doing my Day 1 again. I was feeling very dizzy and had presentation to do at work. I Had to break off, I CAN DO IT AND I WILL DO IT !!! I WILL reach my goal weight end of this December :crossed_fingers:t4:

Keep at it. I have had a dozen Day 1s the last few weeks. Never stop trying.