21 days, starting 10 May 2021

Hi everyone! New here but not new to fasting. However, I’ve fallen hard off the wagon so after some months of stop-starts, Ive found myself with the ability to be able to do a 21 day fast (my partner will be out of town for 3 weeks) and it coincides with me reuniting with family and friends in June for the first time since 2020. I wanna look and feel my best. Am nervous and excited at the same time… but I really REALLY want to do this. If anyone wants to buddy up, I’d love the support!


I have also fallen off many a times and just logged in after a long time.
Why dont we be accountability buddies and keep a check on each other.


I already started it, almost six hours in.

Thanks! I would love that. I really need the support. I used to find fasting so easy but since the pandemic, I have been working from home and being at home all day, it’s so so so hard to stay strong and stay away from the fridge and snack cupboard. But I need to regain some control. I need to do this for my physical and mental health!


I’ll be starting tonight at 10pm. I’m in Spain so it’s currently 7.30pm.

Yes, me too!
I am 34 and weigh almost 83 kg/180.5 lb.
Lets get started.

Great! Where in Spain? I’m 40, 5 foot 8 inches and I weigh 185lbs.

I am from India, sorry for the confusion.

Ah! Understood. Hope you are ok! Seems the COVID situation is very tough there.

Yes, things are bad. I hope they get better soon.
Thank you for asking.


Hello Snowy, 14 hours into the fast, not hungry or thirsty.
Hope your day goes well too.

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Good morning! I am 11.5 hours in and I’m fine. But this is always the easy part. The scales were not good to me this morning which is excellent motivation! Have a good day :blush:

Hello, completed 26 hours. Since I am away from home, i do not have a weighing scale with me. Thinking of ordering one to track my progress, if any.

I feel fine, no hunger pangs or cravings till now.
Hope you are also holding up well.
Take care.

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Glad you are doing ok! I’m just over 20 hours. Today hasn’t been too bad but the hunger is certainly knocking on the door now… I am not ravenous but could definitely eat so I think it’s cravings more than anything.

Thanks for checking in. Keep up the good work!

Good morning, 39 hours in and fine till now. Had some really bad cravings at 36 hours maark but i am just trying to have some water and move forward.

Hope you are doing fine. Good day!

Good morning! I’m 35 hours in and doing ok. Had some cravings as well yesterday and am sure I will today but I’ll get through it. Good luck and have a great day!

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Good morning, have completed 62 hours. Had bad cravings and hunger pangs but i hope i am able to pull through it.
How was your day?

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Hi! I’ve just gone through 60 hours and feel surprisingly ok. Yesterday was totally fine. Much better than I was expecting. I think today will be rough but I’m hoping I can get through it. The worst thing is the boredom and breaking the habit of eating, especially in late afternoon and in the evening. I Guess that’s where the willpower comes in!! Have a good day.


I would be your Buddy, I have started and stopped so many times too. Let me know what day and let’s support each other

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Yes, I would like to be a part of this. I have started and stopped my times. Need support. Let me know why you want to start.