21 day fast! Join me πŸ˜πŸ’œ

I’ve started this fast so many times but I always fail at the 3 day mark :sob:

I need a friend to keep me accountable through this journey

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join or even just leave some encouragement to help me stay strongπŸ’ͺ


Hi,I have started over so many times I’ve lost count ,I am very proud of you for not giving up I know how difficult it can be restricting yourself off food completely maybe having someone to do it with will motivate us both so I’d love to join you.
I am doing a 21 day Water Fast starting 11.07 until 01.08 ,hopefully I can get through it this time.
Good luck :slight_smile:


Hayyy I am starting a 30 day water fast from 12.07 till the 10.08 good luck !!!


I would love to be accountability buddies😁
I don’t think I can do it alone tbh


Age - 20 (21 on July 25th)
Starting Date - 07/10
Starting Time - 2:00pm Central Time
Starting Weight - 173lbs
Goal Weight - 140lbs
10 months postpartum

I will not be weighing myself until the end of this fast because I am way too obsessed with the numbers on the scale so I am fasting from food and weighing myself.


I made it through the first 24 which is always the easiest for me.

30 minutes ago I made hubby and baby some pasta, I was going strong until I got sauce on my finger and let me tell you! It was the hardest thing not to lick it off :drooling_face:

I didn’t break my fast so I am very happy about that :grin:

Felt great all day. Wasn’t hungry at all thankfully


Hi @Iamjesskaxx, what time are you starting your fast? I would like to try my best and there is a few of us, so we can encourage each other.

Hi! I’m 23f looking for someone to talk to while I fast. If you’re interested lmk what platform u like to talk on and we can add eachother!

Hey I’d love to be accountability buddies if you’re interested!

We can text if you are ok with that?

Sure! I’m not positive how to pm you on here though

I’d love to join in for some accountability and group synergy! I have also failed in between days 1-3 many times, but would really like to go for 21 daysβ€” starting today! Let’s do this.


Glad you are joining us😁
You got thisπŸ’ͺ

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Thanks! I’d be down to DM for accountability and encouragement too, if you’re open to it!

Made it through 48 hours.
I feel good, was a little shaky today but overall it has been a good day.

I was tempted while making food for family but I felt better when I said no.

Keep going everyone
Your love for self has to be greater than your love for foodπŸ’™


For anyone looking in, I broke my fast last night but restarted right after. Accountability buddies really help🀞

If you fail, start again.
This isn’t the end of your journeyπŸ’œ


Thanks for sharing, @Beccafasts! Sharing both our successes and our challenges can help inspire each of us to commit and/or recommit.

I’m back on the wagon as well, coming up on the 48 hour mark. Lots of ups and downs in the first 24 hours, and I gotta say having an accountability buddy is huge. Someone to reach out to in your weak moments who can remind you of your why!

Anyone out to there that is still fasting, or still wanting to fast, would love to hear from you! Hope all is well!


Hiya, I’m joining this thread. I keep failing on day 1!!! Do you guys reduce your food intake for a few days before starting the WF?

Hi Guys,

Just a reminder that this forum is public and accessible to everyone so we don’t do any outside group chats etc. here since that would make it private, so please keep the check-ins on the forum, bookmark the page, and come post daily for accountability!

If you need more accountability, you can go to the challenge section, and join us on the zoom challenges which are available for everyone as well! That way it’s inclusive and no one is left behind due to β€œexclusive” chat groups etc. <3

Thanks for understanding! :slight_smile: