12-Day Water Fast

Starting my 12-day water fast tomorrow, Aug 15. No more excuses.


Day 1. Not ideal. Usually I don’t experience hunger on the first day but today is different. I know one thing: I am not going to eat today.

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I started my water fast today . Not sure how long I am going to go . It feels good to have someone that is starting with me . We got this !!

Hi Ericka :-), thanks so much for sharing! And we definitely got this!
My previous fast was 14 days and, based on that experience, I think I should aim for 11-12 days and then see how I feel. My goal is to lose 10 pounds and to reset my system so I can fully transition into a plant-based paleo diet after I’m done with this fast.

Hey ! Late response ? Are you still fasting ?

Hey, I caved in… :pensive:. Was not feeling well. Restarted my clock at 1:30PM. What about you?