10 Day Water Fast (starting October 1st) for a healthy gut! Who's in?

Hello fasting friends!

In the past weeks I had a lot of stress which went directly to my gut. I wanted to fast but the stress let me eat almost everything I could find. The stress will soon decrease because I’m leaving my toxic family so that my body and my soul can recover from all that pressure.
Important for me is a healthy gut and a healthy mind, so 8 to 10 days of fasting will be enough for me.
I would be glad if some of you want to join me :blush:


You should join the solstice challenge. Look under “challenges” to find it.



Thank you for mentioning it. I will look it up :wink:

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Ok, I really really want to start the water fast tomorrow already. Because why should we always wait for something if we don’t have to?
I’ll start tomorrow (september 24th) and try to do 10 days. If my body says “yes” I will just go on with the fast.
I’m so in love with the feeling that I get through (long term) fasting, so I’m excited to start tomorrow :blush:
This forum will be my diary for the fast.
I hope my psoriasis will get better.
Does somebody have experience with fasting and skin conditions? It would be nice if you could tell me about it.
I heard and read that all skin conditions are caused by stress and/or an unhealthy gut/microbiome. It’s so interesting how our gut affects our health. Mentally and physically.

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