While Fasting

I’ve been doing cold showers since Jan and have been up to 5 minutes now (after a hot shower) for a few weeks. Besides the mental and emotional benefits that come from doing something physically challenging, cold showers are also purported to aid with increasing brown fat and getting rid of white fat.

I’ve also seen some mood boost from coffee enemas. Not sure yet about the castor oil pack.

Do you add accompaniments such as castor oil packs, coffee enemas, cold showers, or any particular herbal teas?

Any that you would recommend that go well with or support your fasting goals?

I learned about cold shower on converting white adipose to tan adipose from the research of Dr Ray Cronise and Dr Benjamin Bikman but I’m not ethnically built for cold! LOL.

I drink herbal teas during the afternoon and evening during my fast over green tea. Forgot where I read it but herbal teas are better for fasting something about the leaf used in green tea is not good for fasting. Sorry can’t remember the details.

I drink a cup of coffee with stevia before and after my exercise routine. From watching Dr Rhonda Patrick’s interviews with other research scientists I’ll go with the prevailing wisdom that the benefits far outweighs the negative.

@Compdude I’ve looked into the pros and cons of what breaks a fast or stops autophagy, especially since I take a few adaptagens and desiccated thyroid in the morning. I noted that Dr. Fung sells fasting teas and has recommended several varieties. I also listened some some of Dr. Longo’s talks on a fasting-mimicking diet in which he allows up to 500 calories per day.

Since I am pursuing autophagy, rebuilding, in addition to fat loss and mental toughness, I’m allowing the tea and supplements, but will not go further than that. It’s too easy for me to just overdo it. I think I am more of an “abstainer” than “moderator”. :smile:

So if coffee with stevia works for you, enjoy it! I used to drink it black and then with sweetener, but in recent years am happier with cream & sweetener or cappuccino. :coffee:

I’m use coffee with stevia and herbal teas because the focus of this fast and my last 21-day fast is fat burning. I only drank water during my 40-day fast since my purpose then was not to do anything that would keep my liver from cranking out stem cells. The reason is I wanted as many stem cells available during ReFeed to replace the cannibalizes dead cells from my major organs. I knew I had a lot from being diabetic for so long.

I believe it worked as after the 21-day ReFeed I was able to go into my initial 30-day Core & Endurance workout. Also was more mentally alert from the new neurons generated during the fast and the increased BDNF.

Even though I used coffee and herbal tea during my last 21-day fast, apparently I still reaped the benefits because my GI tract got more efficient. Though its not efficient as it was directly afterward, its still much better than when I was diabetic.