What's the most weight you've lost?

My first major weight loss was when I was 18 at187lbs. I went down to 160lbs. I haven’t been below 160lbs since 8th grade. Currently I’m at 224lbs. I gained a lot of weight since then. It really goes up and down since the last year. My question to y’all is how much weight have you lost before?


I yo-yo’d many times, and this is the first time I’m consistent for over a year, about 70lbs down! Slow, steady and now we have the tools to lose AND maintain our weight! Intermittent Fasting, Water Fasting & Low-Carb (Keto is amazing too!)

I was 225lbs at my highest this time around!


After the birth of my first child, I was a whopping 250 pounds! I got down to 180, conceived my second daughter, went back up to 250 after giving birth. In 2013, I hit 148. I maintained 150-155 until I conceived my third daughter. After giving birth to my third, I weighed 172 and wore a size 14 in pants and X-large in tops. EVER SINCE I have fluctuated perfectly from 167-175, on most days being 172. SO FRUSTRATING!!! However, today I wear a size 8/10 or juniors 11 and size medium in tops. SO weird. I have been so frustrated that I have not been able to get back down to the 150’s range! Hence why I have tried fasting and IF over the last year. The lowest I have gotten to is 166. Today I weigh 170. I do not want to see 170 or 160 anything anymore! That’s why I am here! So, the most weight I have lost is 100 pounds. Over all, I really can’t complain, m 218 self would be so ecstatic if I knew then I would be the size I am now.


i went from (135 kilo)297 lbs to (70 kilo) 154 lbs…and then another 22 lbs stick to my hips, I want to lose 33 lbs, then I have a healthy bmi.
My first day was very easy 60%20kilo%20verschil


Wow I’ve done amazing!

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When I started to eat plant based and mostly unprocessed foods I lost around 22 kg without much effort in 1 year. From 70 kg down to 48 kg. I maintained that weight for about 3 years while living alone since I had the power over my environment and the foods at home. When I moved in with my boyfriend I started to eat more processed foods again and slowly got into a binging behaviour and gained a lot of weight back! It’s time to get my discipline back and get away from the binging behaviour! Hopefully this fast will help me reset my relationship with food!


I am 5’6". When I was a teen I yo-yoed between 180-150 pounds. My mom always said I SHOULD BE 135 pounds. :roll_eyes::smirk::rofl: After my first baby I was up to 220ish, got down to 155 pounds and then had another…:upside_down_face::ok_hand: Went up to 267!! Down now to 200ish. :slight_smile::purple_heart::green_heart: My goal is 145. :sun_with_face::slight_smile::ok_hand:

In 2010 my freshman year of college I learned about nutrition. My school focused on mind, BODY, and spirit so like you were required to take an HPE every semester, were graded on how fast you could run two miles, and you even had to be able to pass a swim test to graduate (which included treading water for 4 minutes). But i lost 40lbs my freshman year just being there. I slowly gained it back and much more in the past 8 years but I’m making a change now!!

Congrats on all of these awesome successes!! My biggest loss was when I was 16 (20 years ago …yikes :rofl:). I lost 75 lbs in roughly three months. I was sick of being obese and was desperate. This time I am trying to make lifestyle choices and do it the right way.


I was very overweight at 5’3( 160 cm) and 72 kg when I was a teen. Then, at 18 I said I had enough and decided not to eat anything for a while week without even knowing it was called water fasting ( I ate some lollipops each day though :eyes: ). So dropped to 64 kg.

Did the same thing after a time and went down to 56 kg in a week too. I thought that I looked too thin and stopped. But now I need the same determination as 10 years after I’ve gained all the weight back and I seem not to be able to control what I eat.:woman_shrugging:t2:

I can do this once again and once for all :muscle:t2:


81 pounds starting August 9 to November 30, 2019.

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I lost about 120 lbs in one year just by switching from a terrible diet, always trying to starve myself but then panic eating a whole pizza or something like that, to eating a full, balanced diet. The transition was really rough, but once I got used to it I found that I actually crave veggies and fruit.
I plateaued though, and still need to take off about 50 to 60 lbs more. I’ve tried different things, and now I’m doing a 36 hour fast once a week. I’ll see if this helps.


That’s brill :smile:

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Hope you do!

Congratulations on all of your success. In those four four months did you do a combination of OMAD and fasting? You averaged about 20 pounds a month…did you ever have stalls? I’m on day 19 of our current water fast…down 16 pounds but this last week was grueling and only lost 2.5 pounds (on electrolytes). In it for the health and will complete 31 days, even though I’ve been weak throughout, lots of mental clarity. I respect your success and appreciate any feedback.

I’m on day 16 not 19.

My initial timeline to reach my goal of being “medication free” was 6 months. So I broke it into manageable phases:

Phase One: Break Sugar/Carb Addiction - 14 Days
Phase Two: I.F.(16:8, 18:6, 20:4 then OMAD) - 11 Days
Phase Three: Prolonged Fasting w/intervening ReFeeds (4,5,7 & 40) - 69 Days
Phase Four: ReFeed - 21 Days

During the 40 Day, I plateaued 3 times. None longer than 3 days.
First 4 days - Lost 9lbs water weight
Next 8 days - Lost an average of 2lbs a day
Remaining time I lose a pound several days, hit a plateau and then resume losing. The last 3 days were really TOUGH with the final day being the nastiest (self-inflicted though LOL). I know I had reached my physical limit because the 1st 5 days of my ReFeed all I could do was eat and rest.

Hope this helps.

Warrior! Inspiring journey. It looks like you did one day refeeds throughout the 69 days. Your information is helpful. I’m doing a lot of research because I really want to be prepared coming off of this fast and planning for the months ahead (like your phases) for success. Appreciate and much respect!

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1 to 9 day refeeds. I did the 9 day refeed because I went through a period of failing 4 days in a row trying to start another 7 day. Then realized it was my body saying it needed a break, by that time I was 2 1/2 months of strictly following my protocol. So I did the long refeed and then embarked on the successful 40 day. Also checked in with an endocrinologist I was consulting with weekly for any things I should be aware of being a T2 diabetic.

I’ve lost and gained weight a number of times. In 2012 my highest weight was 181. I managed to drop to 133 by the summer of 2013 which is the lowest weight I’ve ever been.

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