What Can you Do to Distract you from Hunger

Please go ahead and add by copy pasting this and adding your ideas. Fasting is a time where boredom and hunger. A multi faceted list will be a great go to resource for us on our journey and keep us on track

  1. Tidy a cupboard
  2. Go for a walk
  3. Catch up with cleaning up your inbox

I get on the computer researching everything about fasting. I seek positive videos/forums and people who have accomplished what I’m attempting. I do research on refeeds and plan where I’m going after the refeed…OMAD or a tighter IF window. I gather appropriate recipes just to keep myself busy even though I know my food will be very simple.

I also try to spend some time in the sun and, if feeling like I can move, do some taichi barefoot in the backyard.

If I’m able I like to spend time with positive people.

I pursue my academic and esoteric studies.


Thank you! The ones I can definitely do are spending time with friends and pursuing esoteric interests. My latest is “sewing a crazy quilt”!!!

  1. Helping members here and people in the FB group
  2. Reading the latest tweets from the research scientists in the relevant fields to fasting
  3. Watching TedTalks and searching for new interviews with leading scientists
  4. Writing a book
  5. Honing my public speaking skills and will enter the Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking competition next month. 1st round begins in February.
  6. Playing computer strategy games

That’s a powerful set of ideas that creates a strong “structure of fulfillment” for yourself and helps others.


Maybe shopping, cooking, exercising, listening to music, walking, gardening, art therapy where you colour in pretty pictures, listening to radio talk prigrammes, chatting to family on phone, knitting, sewing as Esther saud, teaching /listening to children read at school as a volunteer, working, learning a bollywood dance routine of youtube!


Oooh, I love the idea of learning a dance routine. Going to add that too. Making a “to do” list before I begin my fast and putting it on my mirror … A reminder of all my alternatives to eating


I’ve completely gutted my flat, sorted through every box, draw, clothing item, piece of paper, donated everything that can be donated, listed everything can can be sold, organised a decorator for a job I can’t do and spent the money from selling things on new rugs, coffee table and cushions. (I sold my sofa… im going to be a floor dwelling yogi from now on :joy:) Ohh and I bought a food processor/blender/mixer so when I start eating again it’s easier and I need less rests hopefully :blush:


Woohoo! I love love love this. Going to make a new project to complete on the next fast and post it here! :heart_eyes:
Hey let us start a new thread (which I will gladly join) in which we commit to finishing a certain project that matches the length of our fast (could be 24 hour fast or even 30 day fast, doesn’t matter)
And we can check in on progress. Thank you for this post, Cate


I’m three days from the end of my fast… and by then… Bedroom will be done everything will be sorted and living room will be a new zen space :heart::heart::heart:


My father was a Toastmaster. I didn’t know they still existed. Best of luck next month.


Thank you.

If all goes as planned I should be renewing my membership with the National Speakers Association before the year is out.


I’ve heard it as superior to TMI

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I was at the 25 anniversary of my old TM club in Pasadena last night. One of my old friends, who had come for the meeting, is a current member of NSA. I learned that NSA has focused their purpose to teaching marketing to professional speakers; whereas, TMI is focused on training people on speaking skills. So it depends on where you in your development and if you want to become a professional speaker.