Trigger Warning!

I thought I would create this topic so we could all discuss some of the triggers that lead us astray. Recognizing and naming these stimuli can help remove their power over us. Hoping this content will also be valuable for future members. I guess I’ll begin:

  • Heavy traffic: Rush hour in Southern California is nightmarish, and whenever I’m trapped in gridlock, I turn to food to calm my anxiety.

  • Rejection: This one’s a given. If my feelings are unreciprocated or my contributions at work aren’t recognized, I start to think of myself as worthless, and go on to punish myself with a binge.

  • Urge to pee (weird, I know): I only recently discovered this about myself. For whatever reason, I run to the kitchen when I should be looking for a different room altogether. Wonder if it boils down to feelings of impatience.

  • Dwelling on the past: Learning not to ruminate on past relationships, missed opportunities, and words unspoken will be a lifelong lesson. Every time I do, the worthlessness creeps back in.


How are you doing with the fires? My brother lives just south of the Bay area and even though they aren’t near the fires they have to wear their masks inside because the smoke is so bad. STAY SAFE!

Some of my triggers are
-Extreme physical pain
-Hormonal changes

  • worrying about the well being of my family
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They’re not so bad in San Diego, but we’ve all been experiencing routine power outages so they can keep the temperature down. We had a record-breaking heat wave a few days ago, and surely everyone ran their A/C, so they think the additional hydro needs contributed to the blaze.

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Hormonal changes, forgot about that one**

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Triggers… good subject!

:star:Having to cook (or grocery shop) for my son or family (2-3 meals p/day)
:star:Definitely sitting with you on Hormonal Changes!
:star:When my son has behavioral challenges. It’s not all the time, maybe once or twice a week that he has a very hard time.
:star: Attending a social event or having people come visit (much less of an issue now but still an issue at times)


My biggest trigger is boredom and restlessness for sure . I find myself wandering around thinking about what to do and I always end up in the kitchen . Also I go on autopilot in the car and will head through a fast food place not because I am hungry but because it sounds good. I noticed my son has picked up this habit too . Every time we get in the car now he is either hungry or thirsty all of the sudden .


Having some major PMS. I’d like to know how you ladies cope with ravenous hunger during PMS and your periods’. Right now I feel like I can eat myself out of house and home. Think I’m going to have a fat bomb before swimming or I won’t have the endurance. Thanks!

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Identified another trigger, although we’ve been well-acquainted for many years: my parents. I absolutely adore my parents, don’t get me wrong. But their proclivity towards unhealthy treats can be a serious stumbling block. Not necessarily because I feel tempted, more by the fact that I feel misunderstood or unheard when I try to enforce healthy eating. Can’t coerce anyone to eat a certain way, though. Mom & Dad have been staying with me for a while now, but they’re set to leave next week. I’ll miss them terribly, but it’ll be soooo much easier to fast while the kitchen’s barren.