Sugar-Free Whipped Coffee

If you guys have heard of this whipped coffee trend going around lately, I tried it with sugar-free monk fruit sweetener to have during my OMAD and it was pretty good!

2 tbsp of monk fruit sweetener
2 tbsp instant coffee
2 tbsp water

Whip whip whip until it gets foamy :blush:

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Just an fyi, Lakanto is not pure monk fruit. Nothing wrong with that. Its basically Swerve with a hint of monk fruit. So both contain erythritol which is a pretty good sweetener. You can buy pure monk fruit drops or powder but boy is it expensive. Then again doesn’t take much to sweeten…1/64th of a teaspoon so the liquid extract of course has a dropper. And 3-6 week shelf life for like 48 canadian. Too expensive for me.

I have no knock on erythritol except, the occasional person can’t tolerate much of it. (Nausea) For myself, I’m finding one level teaspoon is fine. But everytime I have 2 in 1 day, it makes me feel yucky.

I wanted to update this. Clearly the Swerve did not give me a stomach. I use about 3 tsps per day between 2 coffees and in water with zero issues!

The blend I use is monk fruit + erythritol! :blush: I enjoy the taste! I have SoNourished and also Lakanto Brand, both are Monk Fruit + erythritol blend! Just a lot to type out the entire name every time :joy: it’s pretty obvious when someone looks at the label!! :grin:

I don’t enjoy Swerve as much but they’re all just competitors:

  • Lakanto
  • SoNourishes
  • Swerve
  • Krisda

And others ! All same stuff, just need to check ingredients. They have different ones, they have 100% Erythritol, they have monk fruit blend as mentioned above which is mixed with Erythritol, they have stevia, they have xylitol (which is poisonous to dogs, FYI).

:grin: Just about personal preferences!

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