SOCIAL EVENTS - What social events don’t revolve around food?

I think it would be useful to list a category of social events/social groups that don’t revolve around food!

Any ideas?

What are you part of, or what ideas can we add to the list?

Off the top of my head:

  • Fitness classes: Yoga/Gym/Dance
  • Music groups: Instruments
  • Language groups
  • Planning
  • Knitting
  • Scrapbooking
  • Book Club

What else can we add to the list?

I love this online community - almost easier to connect with than explaining fasting to people who don’t understand in real life :joy:


Writer groups
Joining a class on learning an athletic skill: tennis, kite surfing, swimming, etc
Board Gaming group
University Extension courses


What a great idea of a thread! :clap:
And nice suggestions!

I can add:
• going out shopping
• taking walks with someone or hiking
• museums
• concerts
• art classes etc.
• growing plants or farming (okay kind of revolves around food, but stay away from eating the dirty things you’re growing)
• hang out with kids if you know or have some (they’re usually more fun than adults & they don’t care if or what you eat)
• going to the beach/lake/swimming


I’ve been going to meditation classes and listening workshops while on this fast and they have been great to stimulate the mind an be intune with the fast and my body.
Also went to a film night we call them ‘soul space’ this time we watched a film about Plum Village and then we talk about the film, different experiences people had had at other centres, what we’d expect day to day somewhere like that. And just had a good conversation with everyone.
This weekend I’m at training and community building with XR. I expect to be absolutely shot through by the end of it but I’m going to nap during everyone’s meal breaks.