So glad to have found you all! :)


I’m new to the community, and so glad to have found the forum!

I’m a 49 yo mum living down in New Zealand, and a reasonably experienced 16/8 faster but very new to longer fasts, which is what I’ve been experimenting with lately.

They’re what bring me here - I just can’t seem to get past 3-4 days! I get to that long, start feeling weak, dizzy, and get weird side effects (like a salty taste in my mouth tonight) then I freak out a bit and stop.

Apart from not getting to the longer fasts that I REALLY want to achieve, I’m doing really well - feeling much better after every fast, losing weight (20 pounds down! Yay!) and so on. But I really want to break my barrier and get through to longer fasts.

Am I just “doing it wrong”?

Any help or tips from more advanced / experienced fasters would be really appreciated.

Lee in New Zealand


You are probably giving up a hair too soon. 3 days is a number often quoted but its probably more an average. Some people take longer to get past the initial yuck. Some suggest if you eat low carb going into it, it eases those feelings. I do suggest it might be easier if you at least don’t have to work during that initial period. If I was working right now, I would either wait for a long weekend…or start my fast on a thursday night as I would expect the worst of it on the Sunday. But that still doesn’t mean I’m going to feel wonderful on the Monday morning. I think we underestimate the massive changes we are making to our bodies, especially if we’ve never fasted or its been a long time to expel all the bad toxins of processed & sugar laden foods we’ve been eating. Some people like myself, never felt a good day during my last fast. Upset stomach every day & weak. Mental clarity, weight loss & a path to better eating were my reward though😀


@Tenax - I think you might be right about giving up a little too early. Everything I read said we get into the “easy” part of fasting within a couple of days, but for me day 3 has been very difficult. Maybe I’m just a tortoise! :turtle:

I’ll have a couple of days of keto / very low carb eating (but not watching calories) then get back into fasting on the weekend, and try again. It’s a learning curve!

The one thing I am noticing is that every time I fast, I’m feeling better than I did before…and the feeling is lasting. Tiny issues with my health that I didn’t even realize were issues are resolving. My lifelong dry skin problems seem to be sorting themselves out, my allergic-to-everythingness seems to have disappeared, and no more earwax buildup (yick, but there you have it!). Weird stuff. And no more aches and pains every morning getting out of bed. Hmmm…

Maybe a lot of the things we assume are part of getting older are nothing to do with age at all?

I think you’re dead right about underestimating the massive changes we’re making to our bodies with this. I’ve done nearly 50 years of damage to my body, I can’t expect it to sort itself out overnight, yet the speed at which everything is resolving is pretty miraculous.

I can’t recall what led me to fasting, but I feel like I’ve been given a precious gift. I don’t know why. But I’m not going to waste it.

Thanks for replying :blush:


One of the aspects that made me choose prolonged water fasts over Intermittent Fasting is that the production of stem cells increase, damaged cells are rejuvenated through autophagy and dead cells are cannibalized for their protein. During ReFeed the protein you ingest will fuel the conversion of those new stem cells into new cells replacing the cannibalized dead cells in your major organs. This process was established by the work of Dr. Valter Longo with the Aging Institute with the University of Southern California and his work is now undergoing human trials.

I can tell you from undergoing multiple prolonged fasts that I feel much younger now and when I shared my latest profile picture taken after my last fast people commented they couldn’t believe I was 60.


Hi @Compdude - It’s interesting, isn’t it, how when you’re younger all you’re interested in is being able to wear trendy clothes, but as we get older we’re more interested in the health benefits as well!

I know for me I’m really interested in the potential for this to improve my quality of life. I generally think of myself as pretty healthy, but I can see when I think deeply about it that I’m nowhere near as generally well as I was in my twenties. That’s a worry to me.

I’ve chosen prolonged fasts (which for me at my level of advancement is 3-4 days at the moment!) for the same reasons as yourself - I want the big time health benefits! From what I’ve learned so far, you need at least 48 hours to even begin to move towards serious autophagy. I figure I have a lot of cleanup to do, and autophagy is exactly what I need!

It’s interesting that you say you’re looking younger. I’ve put a profile pic up from a month ago because I wanted a “before” image to remind myself where I was, but already even I can see that I look way better. I feel way better too :blush:

Still finding my way around the forum, but I’m looking forward to learning more from people who are ahead of me on this journey. Thanks for making me so welcome :grin:


Welcome to the family!!! :sparkling_heart: Practice makes perfect and you’ll get a lot of guidance from everyone on this forum who share their experiences! :heart_eyes:

Congrats on 20 lbs down!! Amazing job! You’re a water warrior!

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I find it interesting…and sad that you see so many kids, young adults these days, who look normal, but functionally have no strength, no stamina. Are out of shape in what looks like a physically fit body. I keep telling my son whose 23 and until CV 19 was at least going to the gym regularly, that 65% of the battle is what you put into your body & when. He lives with his Mom still & after preaching to her for at least 5 yrs she finally got it but it took getting to a point of desperation & nothing else to try before she made the changes that lost her 50lb. My big push on my son is to stop the late night meals (So many overnight from the freezer pizzas!) And fast food lunches while working. But, he’s still a kid that way & does what he does. So both my kids mom & I have lost a lot of weight and my hope is our kids see our results & can be inspired by it. So much easier now for them than when in the 50s like us. My daughter says…you lose weight so easy. No…I just work really hard at it, is all.